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Sreamlining Saturday 29th October, 2005 by Black Wolf

That's what we're doing. Unofficially, let's say 3-6 months. If you tell anyone I told you that though, I'll deny it.


Wow. Quickest 2 Diary posts ever. Thursday 16th June, 2005 by Black Wolf

Got the virus sorted out easier than I expected, and I'll have finished half my exams by 2:30 this afternoon. Posted some screenies in the main forum, Got some Shivan weapons modelled, textured and ingame, rewrote all the FS2 tech descriptions to take into account the time that's passed between TI and FS2, animated a CB Ani... I dunno what came over me. Still, pretty decent news I'd say.

Stay tuned for more screenies from 'Rietfontain' BTW - I'll be doing a lot of balance testing over the next few days.

Exams, Busyness and Viruses Monday 13th June, 2005 by Black Wolf

Exams are coming up (First one's in 7 hours - I should really be cramming) so I've been studying, doing last minute assignments and the like for the past few weeks, and am likely to stay busy for the next to. Plus I've picked up a virus that's slowed my computer to a crawl and destabilised, among most other things, FRED and FSO. So, until exams are closer to over and get a achance to reformat, I'll be more or less out of it (Though I have been writing mission outlines, briefings etc. and I'm going to see what I can do about rendering up some CBAnis).

Once exams are over, however... Well, expect a lot of activity from me, and hopefully the others too.

We're still going Thursday 7th April, 2005 by Black Wolf

I hate starting posts up here with that - it implies a lack of observable activity. Of course in this case, there has been a lack of observable activity, coupled with, I'm sad to say, a lack of internal activity. But I'm back into it at the moment - just finished another mission, and I have two more on the burner. Actually, I probably have many more than that if you consider all my half finished missions "on the burner". One day I'm going to go through and finish all these half done missions and the campaign'll get the biggest boost as far as quantifiable content goes in... a very long time.

So yeah. VA's had exams, I've had Uni and Flip's had a cubase addiction to deal with. 2 of those problems have now been solved, and I'm on the verge of getting out of what has been a more assignment filled week than usual, so we should be going somewhere in the next week or two. I'll post something publically soonish... maybe some screenies... we'll see.

Oh, and anyone who reads this, could you post on the public forum or PM me? I really would like to know if anyone's even aware this little bit of the site exists.

Still going Sunday 20th February, 2005 by Black Wolf

Been awhile since I posted much of anything, so I figured I'd better get something up here, so people didn;t think we were dead. We're not. However, most of the staffers have been busy doing other things the past few weeks - I've been moving and getting back into the swing of on campus life, VA's gone back to school and has been working on his various HTL models and Flipside's been making music and working on various other things. Everyone else is presumabl doing similar stuff. At the same time, some TI stuff has still been going ahead. I've been making missions pretty much at random around the modset we have completed, VA's just converted a bunch of working but untextured HTL ships that should allow us to start work on the non atmospheric Act 1 missions (Which is where Moonsword, Grimloq and Shinobi will come in) and Flip's been finalizing the Desert modpack so we can do the atmospheric act 1 missions as well. So, while it is a quiet period, it's not as though we're comatose.

Oh, and thanks to the mysterious XeroCold, who I've never seen aout the place, but e-mailed me the other day, proving that people do, in fact, read these things. :)

w00t Tuesday 4th January, 2005 by Black Wolf

I just learned how to lod and do pof data. As a result, we have a new Aesir ship in game and fully working. It even has turrets and stuff. Phear.

SCP Meeting done and dusted Sunday 12th December, 2004 by Black Wolf

Well, the SCP meeting was yesterday, and I went along as TIs representative. I can't say an awful lot was done as such, but we did get a lot of things out in the open, and we got access to something special. The developers have also promised to look more closely at fixing all the irritating FRED bugs that make mission making so challenging.

In other news, I've lost all my HLP avatars. This makes me sad.

Schools out for Summer... Sunday 7th November, 2004 by Black Wolf

Schools out forEVER!

Well, maybe not. But close. I finished all my official classes and am now just 4 short exams away from 3 months of utter Unilessness. So expect some kind of cool activity in the not too distant future.

Nobody seems to like the Aesir Thursday 14th October, 2004 by Black Wolf

Or at least, nobody seems to be particularly interested when we post screenshots - not to the extent that similarly well crafted ships from pre-existing races might seem to attract anyway. 'Tis a bit of a surprise more than it is a disappointment - As the first truly new race to get any kind of large scale public exposure, and I guess I just assumed people would be interested in something like that (I'm discounting Inferno's ancients, partially because they weren't technically a new race, and partly because many of their ships looked rather mediocre IMO). Ah well, we struggle on valiantly in the face of indifference.

Iíd like to say that, with HLP down, my work rate has increased, but where HLP has left off, uni and work have picked up, leaving things about the same on the TI work front, at least my portion of it. FRED has been irritating me of late, so I've been working on texturing an Aesir transport, my first real attempt at a true Aesir ship. It's looking rather snazzy in my opinion, and I've just posted a WIP shot on internal for the staff to comment on. In other news, the central design document, which will basically put as much of the storyline data as I can conveniently remember/type down into one easy to access location, is edging closer to completion. This might not seem important to non staffers, but getting this info collated and down on paper (or at least, the white, paper-resembling pages of a word document) will be a major step towards bringing all the staffers together into a more cohesive whole.

Other exciting bits and bobs are, of course, the new desert mod and, linked to that, Gooberís new TI friendly SCP build. All his new stuff will be going into CVS, so while this isnít a unique TI build, itís nice to know that some of our requests do get heard by the coders. Thanks Goob.

Mystery Picture Thursday 7th October, 2004 by Shinobi

A Mystery Picture has been posted in the Twisted Infinities Forums. Go check it out. First person to get what it is gets a cookie...

In game cutscenes Sunday 26th September, 2004 by Black Wolf

Been playing Blaise Russel's (very high quality) campaign, Shrouding the Light, and have realized two things. One, in the right hands, plasma turrets can be awesome. The other, that in game cutscenes, when done right, are a gift from God. Being the type of person I am, I went into FRED and started fiddling with them. Turns out zooming, panning and other more complex camera controls aren't that complex to sexp. So, will TI feature these? Hard to tell. Probably, but ultimately, it's another feature on an already long list. Of course, this feature would directly help to tell the story.

We shall see.

Updates 13/9/04 Monday 13th September, 2004 by Black Wolf

Bits and pieces happening around the place, though we're in something of an activity lull right at the moment. VA has recently completed his latest masterpiece, though I'm not allowed to post images, or even reveal what sort of ship it is. Suffice it to say it's big, powerful, and it's on the other side. Its entrance mission has been FREDded, and it's setting up what could be one of the more memorable arcs of the campaign... that is, assuming we go ahead with it. Call it a "probably". VA's also just finished work on one of the pivotal mods for OR, a truly modular pirate base - you can see...most of it in the new set of screenshots that have just been posted.

There's also been a lot of discussion on the mechanics of the Aesir - their society, biolgoy, and yes, even how they look. It's not entirely unlikely that we might be seeing an Aesir model in the not too distant, and who knows, maybe even a few renders passed on to the general public. Anything's possible after all.

Possible OR delay Wednesday 11th August, 2004 by Black Wolf

The internal's been chugging along as usual lately, and recently picked up a bit of a boost when, oddly enough, it was suggested OR be delayed. It seems like a contradiction, but the truth is not working on OR has meant we can all concentrate on TI itself, and frankly, TI's a lot more fun to work on, mainly because we get to play with the Aesir, and atmospheric combat and the like. Things move quicker when we're having fun, and it's showing in the amount of completed content that's getting pumped out.

That said, the OR delay isn't finalized just yet. We may get back into it after having this sort of vacation away, but at this point it looks at least likely that OR wont be released until possibly a few months before the release of TI, maybe even after the main release. But again, as yet undecided.

Final Cleaning Sunday 25th April, 2004 by Flipside

We are down to cleaning up and polishing off the models for OR now, and with all the missions in progress, it shouldn't be much longer until playtesting begins.

It'll be worth the wait :)

Picture Release Thread Monday 8th March, 2004 by Shinobi

Swing by our forums and check out the new picture release thread. We have some exciting new pictures of our atmospheric mod as well as some new models on show. Expect our screenshot section of this website to be updated soon :)

Still Alive Thursday 26th February, 2004 by Flipside

Well, real life is taking it's toll a little at the moment, but don't worry, OR and TI are far from forgotten :)

All OR Missions Begun Saturday 31st January, 2004 by Black Wolf

The Title says it all really. Closer, ever closer.

More Missions Completed Thursday 15th January, 2004 by Black Wolf

With two more missions completed and being beta tested, OR's current mission count stands at 5 complete, three nearly complete, 1 ermbryonic and 1 Unknown Status. In other words...we're getting closer.

Busy busy busy! Tuesday 6th January, 2004 by Flipside

Well, the gears are going up a notch in preparation for Operation Ragnarok. Expect news soon! Meanwhile other things are shaping up well, I'm starting to scare myself with what is in store for TI ;)

Wait and see.......And Watch this Space!

Merry Xmas Thursday 25th December, 2003 by Flipside

To all, from the TI Team!

New VP Sunday 21st December, 2003 by Shinobi

Well, with many models having a facelift and several new ones coming off the production line, I thought it was time for a new vp. In all likely hood this will be the penultimate vp. With voice acting going at full throttle, expect Operation Ragnarok to be out during the early stages of the new year.

Making good better Friday 19th December, 2003 by Flipside

Well, from the modding side of things, both myself and Vasudan Admiral are busy improving some of the models for Operation Ragnarok using what we have learned since making them. This means you are going to see some mouthwatering new Tech Images appearing. Check out Vasudan Ad's new Sesmu model, and marvel at the Vasudan sleekness, and expect big changes to the Andromeda.... the new blood in here has certainly livened us up! :)

Voice Acting Friday 12th December, 2003 by Flipside

Well, the current Hot Point in the Internal Forum is Voice Acting. With Operation Ragnarok a stand-alone mini campaign, and a 'lead-in' to Twisted Infinities itself, starting to form into a complete work, moves are afoot to make this campaign and TI itself something to remember.

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