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New Pics Friday 30th September, 2005 by Black Wolf

Check out some very-near-finished WIP shots of the Harpy gunship in the forums.

Screenies! Thursday 16th June, 2005 by Black Wolf

Thanks to some detective work on the part of several forum members, there're now a few new screenies from my latest mission 'Rietfontein' posted on the forum:

Check 'em out

Desertification Saturday 9th October, 2004 by Black Wolf

Both a nasty environmental problem and a cool word to describe Flipside's latest efforts. In other words, we've posted some screenies of the desert environment for the atmospheric mod. Go check out the forum for the pics.

Whoops Sunday 19th September, 2004 by Hunter

Fixed a few broken links here and there.

New Screenshots Sunday 12th September, 2004 by Hunter

Six new high resolution screenshots have been added. You can find them in the Screenshots section!

Sound Bytes Saturday 28th August, 2004 by Hunter

Yep, I updated the sound bytes. So you should hear something different.. And can play some in the "Files" section, too.

Aesir shots released. Wednesday 11th August, 2004 by Black Wolf

We've recently released some pictures of Aesir ships for public scrutiny, the AeBB Itzli, and the Ae Opoctli. Check them out in the Freespace forum at SG, and try to guess their functions (coz we aint gonna tell ya).

No Updates? Tuesday 3rd August, 2004 by Hunter

Well, actually, there have been a few updates to this site more recent than what you can see in the news. This is because we lost a good months worth of database information the last time the site went down (some idiot tripped over a wire, and the database got frelled, basically). Remind me to strangle someone.

Screenshots Added Sunday 21st March, 2004 by Hunter

Screenshots from recent release threads have been added. See screenshot section. Watch out for more updates!

It may not be OR... Sunday 4th January, 2004 by Black Wolf

But we've gained ourselves a new Download!

Flipside, TI's resident "Do it all" Man has turned his hand to animating, producing a beautiful, animated glory shot of the Atlantis Megafreighter, likely to be reborn as a TI CBAni.

Check out the Downloads section or grab it direct.

New Pics Posted Saturday 3rd January, 2004 by Black Wolf

Vasudan Admiral and Flipside have posted some pictures of a few of the civillian ships featuring in TI and OR. Check them out here.

SAVAGE Storms in Friday 19th December, 2003 by Black Wolf

We've just recieved a huge Voice Acting Boost from the Guys and Girls over at S.A.V.A.G.E., the Star Alliance Voice Actors Guild Extreme. They do top quality work, and they've offered to take on many of the bigger parts. Special thanks to the guys who Volunteered, and to Shinobi for organizing the whole thing.

Voice Actors Wanted Wednesday 10th December, 2003 by Black Wolf

Got a Microphone? Got some free time? Then we need you! TI is looking for Voice Actors to add life to the upcoming Prequel, Operation Ragnarok. We have lots of open parts, big and small, male and female, Terran and Vasudan, so we're sure to be able to fiond a part just right for your voice and amount of available time. If you're interested, post a sample on the forums, or Get in touch with one of the team members, who'll set you up.

Welcome ! Sunday 7th December, 2003 by Hunter

Welcome to the revised Twisted Infinities webpage. This website is currently under construction, so we'll be adding more information and content gradually over the coming week or two - We need to get things together first. If you have any questions for now, stop by the forum.

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