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Black Wolf As project leader, BW tries to do a little bit of everything. Primarily a FREDer, BW also created TIs new background set and does much of the writing for TI, as well as the occasional render. He has also recently tried his hand as a texturer on several ships including an Aesir vessel. The most valued member of the team; without him, nothing would happen.

Flipside Along with Vasudan Admiral, Flipside provides the modding muscle behind TI, producing some of the finest ships this side of Champaign, and is the driving force behind the Aesir fleet. Not content with just making ships however, Flipside has demonstrated incredible diversity, bringing such skills as rendering, animation and music making into the project. Flipside has also produced most, if not all of the effects that will be going into TIs atmospheric missions.

Galactic Emperor Though not as active as many of the other staffers, GE does poke his head in from time to time. And when he does, its usually with something special. Already, GE has contributed two high calibre mods to TI, and may yet contribute many more.

Grimloq Grimloq is our most recent member, but is already infamous, not only within the team, but across Sectorgame on the whole. Joining us first as a FREDer, he soon discovered his modelling talent after being inspired. Whilst he continues to FRED on and off, Grimloq is proving to be a very able modeller indeed, already contributing one ship to the project, with many, many more in the works.

Hunter Hunter is the administrator of the Sectorgame network, but provides far more to TI than just hosting. Hunter had his work cut out for him when he offered to compose an all new selection of music and sound effects for TI, but so far hes succeeded brilliantly, and also found the time to produce the website youre browsing right now. Were also looking forward to seeing him as a FREDer for the project in the near future.

Malignance After joining the team, Malignance became plagued with computer problems. We hope that hell be able to sort them out, and start work soon.

Moonsword A long standing member of the Freespace community, Moonsword joined us quite recently as another FREDer, and is widely respected. He has already proved his worth many times over, and we look forward to seeing great things from him.

Shinobi Shinobi is one of the most dedicated members of the team. He works primarily as a FREDer, though has assumed several other rolls, such as voice acting coordinator, VP constructor and the teams PR manager. As a FREDer, hes proven to be quick and highly capable, and by taking on the other jobs has become one of TIs most valued members.

Vasudan Admiral VA is the second of TIs two major modders, and has contributed a huge number of the incredibly high quality ships that will populate the TI universe. Hes also proven to be an unstoppable ideas man, contributing many of the story elements that are sure to become unforgettable. VA has also aided Flipside in creating some of TIs environments, and performing some high poly modelling. He is credited with aiding two major high poly ship projects, and has two of his own in the works, both of which we look forward to eagerly.

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