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[ :: Features :: ]

  • Over thirty all new ships, from small fighters up to mammoth capital ships.

  • A new species, unlike anything seen before in the Freespace universe, with different ships, different weapons and an entirely different style of combat

  • More than 40 action packed missions, spread over three unique acts.

  • Fight in all the environments the Freespace Engine can offer - From subspace to nebulae, asteroid fields to gas giants. Then blast past the limitations of the engine and experience a frenzied evacuation in the atmosphere of a world under siege, or a desperate strike into the confines of a hostile installation, or a frantic escape from pursuing Shivan forces in the tunnels and caverns of a cold, abandoned moonbase.

  • A brand new music selection complements new sound effects and full voice acting in an aural extravaganza

  • New factions from within the ranks of the GTVA and their allies, each with their own unique agendas and style.

  • Much, much more! No, seriously!

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