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Some of the mods featured in the Twisted Infinities campaign are as follows.

Tyr Interceptor-Fighter
The Tyr Interceptor was originally known as the Avalon Pleasure Skimmer, a small sleek civilan pleasure vessel. Since the increase in Freebooter activity after Capella, these ships have been used frequently for far more sinister pastimes. Once loaded out with gunports, and a single missile launcher, the newly designated Tyr Class Interceptor is an effective surgical strike craft, flying in and disabling Engines before transports dock with the helpless freighter. These craft are very weak defensively, and will often withdraw when the thinly spread GTVA forces arrive.
Andromeda Shuttle
The Andromeda is a modified version of the Io class heavy shuttle. Originally designed to transport important personnel in possibly hazardous situations, the shuttle boasts considerable armour, and stripping out the passenger area allowed the fitting of a formidable arsenal of weapons. The rack loading system used on the Andromeda allows her to carry more munitions than normal on a ship of her size, meaning this vessel can deliver an awesome blow even against some harder targets. It is only the cost and complication of making the upgrade that stops these vessels being a major threat to GTVA Security.
Harpy Patrol Ship
The Terran Gunship or System Patrol ship made it's first appearance during the latter days of the NTF War. It's design was a direct response to the hit and run tacticts used by the NTF against civilian targets. The Harpy is fast, carries an impressive array of weapons, and, most importantly, carries a dual shield-generator, one for each side of the ship, allowing this comparatively small vessel more surviveability than it's moderately weak hull would suggest. These vessels have, since their conception, seen service as civilian patrol vessels and escort ships, and stolen Gunships have also been known to play a more sinister role, as escort suppression in freebooter raids. Because of their toughness, and their blistering firepower, these vessels are considered extremely dangerous foes
Sigurd Transport
Han-Ronald Corporation's HRC Sigurd transport is among the largest space faring vessels legally available to civilians. While comparable in size to military cruisers, due to the absence of heavy armour plating, or complex weapon and defence systems, the Sigurd outperforms these vessels in both speed and manoeuvrability. Sigurds have a wide array of uses, from large scale passenger or refugee ferries to low mass freight hauling. With only three turrets to defend itself with however, the Sigurd makes a tempting target for attack.
Sesmu Transport Frigate
Akheton Corporation's AKH Sesmu is a Vasudan bulk transport, comparable to the Terran Sigurd Class. Like the Sigurd, the Sesmu is a large civilian vessel, though the Vasudan military has been known to use Sesmuí from time to time, though why they would choose to is difficult to fathom. The Sesmu is poorly armoured, weakly defended, and while it is slightly faster than the Sigurd, its manoeuvrability is decreased. These blatant defects make the Sesmu possibly the most easily destroyed vessel for its size in Vasudan space. Its one advantage is the extreme level of automation on board allows the Sesmu to be crewed by a crew of only a dozen Vasudans. Luckily for these small crews, Sesmuí are rarely deployed anywhere near a battles front line, or even in dangerous systems such as Epsilon Pegasi or Barnards Star, but generally stay deep in the quiet regions of Vasudan systems.
Orestes Repair Vessel
The Orestes project grew as a direct result of the Collosus project, which proved tragically the danger of having damaged or disabled vessels on the battlefield. The GTR Orestes is a capital ship repair vessel, designed to get in, and repair or rescue damaged or disabled ships from a battlefield. It carries spare parts, skilled personelle, and even extra ammunition for flak cannons and missile launchers. Given the Orestes' hazardous working environment, often on or near the front lines of a battle, it has been equipped with relatively high grade armour for it's size, and a significant number of turrets for a non combat ship, making it somewhat more dangerous to attack than a similar sized freighter or transport. However, the Orestes' true shining points are it's engines. Designed to pull vessels up to twice its own considerable mass, an unladen Orestes is capable of speed comparable to that of some of the GTVAs heavy bombers, and has 3 separate Engine subsystems. Fully laden though, the Orestes is considerably slower. The orestes was designed to pull large cruisers, though in a pinch, can tug Deimos Class Corvettes, though this requires the diverting of power from weaponry systems, and the Orestes is incapable of a subspace jump in this condition.
Virtuoso Liner
KresCo Engineering's Virtuoso class of private yacht represents the last word in luxury personal transportation. With better Sensors and Communications equipment than your average military cruiser, and an onboard computer capable of running the ship in almost all circumstances with little to no pilot input, the Virtuoso is a truly beautiful ship, both visually and technically. Its speed and manoeuvrability are excellent for a ship of it's size, and, representing a first among KresCo's luxury line, it is armed with two defensive turrets, though these have primarily been added to destroy asteroids, and other passive threats - they are incapable of defending the relatively weak hulled vessel from even a moderate attack. Internally, the Virtuoso has everything a wealthy businessman could desire, from fully equipped VR simulators and holographic projectors to, in some larger models, small swimming pools. These features come at a cost however, making the Virtuoso far more expensive than any other similarly sized civilian ship available.
Excalibur Platform
The GTP Excalibur is one of a small number of Area Defence platforms available to the GTVA. The lack of Engines or Subspace drive allow the Excalibur to lay down a blistering defence zone around vital cargo depots or installations. Known as The Shredder among GTVA pilots, the Excalibur is deployed from a destroyer class vessel, and built in space. A full spec Excalibur is capable of downing several wings of bombers by itself, but the lack of supplies has meant that turrets on some installations have been downgraded.
Acropolis Drydock
The GTDk Acropolis is, to all intents and purposes, a small version of the GTI Ganymede capital ship drydock. Designed as a fighter storage unit, the Acropolis is capable of locking down fighters within its rings, allowing fighters to be safely left within its confines indefinitely. More avanced models can perform limited automated repairs and rearming in much the same way as the Nephthys automated Vasudan support ship.
Tethys Freighter
The GTFr Tethys is one of the most infamous vessels to plough the space lanes in the history of Terran activities in space. Though its custom designed cargo pod makes it capable of performing traditional freighter roles, when the Starr corporation originally designed the Tethys, it was classed as a 'Hostile Environments Courier Ship' - a vessel designed to get vital small, valuable cargo or sensetive information through potentially hostile areas of space, and in that role, the Tethys performs beautifully. The Tethys is the first freighter equipped not only with two rapid rire anti figter turrets, but also a pair of forward firing weapon hardpoints and a full bank of Tempest dumbfire missiles, a huge missile countermeasure bank and, for the first time outside of a dedicated fighter or bomber, an energy shield. These enhancements make the Tethys capable of rudimentary dogfighting, making it possibly the most dangerous terran freighter to attack that is currently in service. This does not, however, stop these attacks, as Tethys class freighters are highly prized as assault shuttles or smuggling vessels by pirate forces, and the aquisition of one of these vessels can often be worth the risk. The GTVA uses Tethys in their intended role as couriers and transports within the dangerously volatile Epsilon Pegasi Sector.
Satis Transport
In the TV War, the Satis was the mainstay of the Vasudan Shipping fleet, and maintained its importance in the following years as a well defended military freighter. However, as time went by it became increasingly obvious that the Satis could no longer fill its traditional role of in convoy escort. Thus, Vasudan Central Command commissioned the Sahr corporation to refit and modify the original designs. They produced several prototypes, but the process proved expensive and unreliable, and ultimately an entirely new design was created. The Mk 2 improves on the original satis in almost every respect. A cutting edge military grade reactor powers four plasma cannons, two anti fighter beam weapons and a pair of Terran designed Engines based directly off those powering the Aeolus cruiser. The Mk II is also larger than its predeccessor, a direct result of its reliance on interior cargo space rather than docked cargo containers. The Satis II fills its nieche admirably, but this vessel does have its downsides. The Mk II requires over 25% more crewers than a Satis, and despite the extra interior room its cargo capacity is somewhat decreased. Despite its defences, the Mk II is a common target among pirates, who use the freighters as cheap alternatives to Harpy Class gunships. In this capacity the Satis II should be engaged with care.

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