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Seleg Prime
April 19, 2011; 2:57 am


By Hostile. Here is my fifth level for Descent 3. It is the final release. Otherone and I got together one day and like idiots actually thought we could make a one-weekend level set with one level from each of us. We are both perfectionists when it comes to level building and we failed miserably, but the work I started on my contribution ended up being this level, Seleg Prime. It is designed for 2-Team CTF or Entropy, but can support 6 to 8 players in a team anarchy as well. It has 16 player starts (8 red, 8 blue).
I modded only one weapon for Seleg Prime. The napalm cannon has a bit more punch now and isnt a useless weapon anymore. It is no where near as powerful as the demo so dont get scared, but it will smack someone good if you hit them with it. I basically doubled the impact damage of the current napalm cannon. I used the same one in D-Day and it seemed to work really well.
This level is the first one I have designed from the ground up for Descent 3. Alpha Ceti is my own creation as well, but it was a Descent 2 level of mine that I converted. This level has some scripting in it for the entropy mod. It changes the color of the plasma conduits in the center room depending on who has custody of the energy centers and turns the force field in between the energy centers on or off under the same conditions. Thanks to the God of level creators, Otherone, who did the scripting for this level and as always made some good suggestions. The sniper-plus port was Palzons idea after Genghis suggested putting the rooms there. They made a couple other suggestions that ended up in the level too. A lot of other people made suggestions after beta testing that I think will end up making this level a lot of fun so I hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks guys. By the way, that is Hemp and Genghis in the loadscreen. Notice how photogenic they are :P.

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