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Aug 3, 2018; 10:30 am


A massive level for Descent 3 combining the sprawling level style of D3 with a more classic Descent feel, featuring Overload-style robots and weapons, two bosses and a soundtrack from Jerry Berlongieri. The GOG version of Descent 3 is recommended for stability. (Version 1.3, Updated March 29th 2020)

Patch Notes:

* (1.1) Fixed a fatal crash which occured on older pre-GOG installations
* (1.1) Fixed a missing texture glitch in the research bunkers
* (1.1) Fixed a missing Creeper slot on the Magnum in Co-Op
* (1.1) Increased ambient brightness throughout the level by about 50%
* (1.1) Increased the speed of most robots by about 20%
* (1.1) Added more impact force to the Driller
* (1.1) Made some slight adjustments to door opening times (except for bunkers)
* (1.1) Increased the pulsing brightness of usable levers, removed light for unusable ones
* (1.1) Reduced the average death delay for all robots (except Tritons and Bosses)
* (1.1) Reduced fog density in some specific areas
* (1.2) Fixed a glitch that caused the Mark II to disappear from Cargobay 4
* (1.2) Increased the brightness of overhead door lights
* (1.2) A strange powerup respawn glitch that caused the game to crash in CO-OP has been fixed
* (1.2) Fixed matcens so they will work on dedicated co-op servers
* (1.3) Added shield pickups to some parts of the level
* (1.3) Added more navigation data for the guidebot
* (1.3) Lowered AI hearing range (like Resurgence) to prevent dogpiling
* (1.3) Fixed music cues for co-op, now all players should hear music properly
* (1.3) Fixed respawn points so players in co-op don't get warped back to the start
* (1.3) Changed the location of the boss forcefield to prevent players getting instakilled.
* (1.3) Reduced hitpoints for matcens (now same as Resurgence)
* (1.3) Prevented players from getting locked out of cargobay 3 before obtaining the master key

Check out the followup to this level, Resurgence, by clicking here.

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