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Falling Down
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April 18, 2011; 10:26 am
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By Hostile. Here is my 7th level for Descent 3. This level was inspired by the monsterball tournament held earlier this year, but grew into a much more complicated project. This level is capable of a lot of mods. I dont know if there are any other single levels out there that can do what this one can do with a single file. It is sized for a small team game. 2v2 or 3v3 is perfect. 4v4 would be kind of crowded. anything more than that and it would be total chaos. It has 12 player starts. The theme of this level is "nowhere to hide." There are very few places in this level where you cannot be seen from another part of the level. Truly, there is no rest for the wicked. Ive also added a bit of a vertical aspect to the level which I hope people will not shy away from. The gravity is at 2 times Earths gravity and I made the monsterball subject to the gravity of the level. This effect is what gives the level its name because you can kick the monsterball out of your base and it will move to the center of the level on its own :).
I modded some weapons for Pulling Teeth. The Napalm Cannon has a bit more punch now and isnt a useless weapon anymore. It is nowhere near as powerful as the demo so dont get scared, but it will smack someone good if you hit them with it. I basically doubled the impact damage of the current napalm cannon. I used the same one in D-Day, Seleg Prime, and Pulling Teeth and it worked really well. The Plasma Cannon is back. The damage is the same, but the plasma balls are 100% larger and 50% faster. It really does feel like Descent 2 plasma. The mean ass plasma sound is back as well. The Mass Driver starts with 5 rounds instead of 10. The Mass Driver Ammo Clip has 2 rounds instead of 5 . I didnt want the MD to overwhelm the level.
Thanks to the God of level creators, Otherone, who gives us continual updates to D3Edit. He still helps my newbie ass fix things when I mess them up. The loadscreen shot is Genghis and Hemp13 having a bit of fun saying cheese for the camera :). Also thanks to all who participated in the beta test and hosted servers for me.

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