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Saturn Expedition version 1.0
April 17, 2011; 9:03 pm


by Ron Lester.
This is my 3rd level and I am learning.
I think this level is a bit better than the other two.
It has a couple of custom textures, so you will need to load the game before restoring a saved game so the textures will show up in the saved game.
There are plenty of B-Nodes so the guidebot gets around pretty good to help out.
I know all about B-Nodes inside the mine but outside seems to be a mystery to everyone. I know they are in what is considered one room outside even though I am sure terrain makes up many rooms.
Anyway, this level has more bots than my other ones and I think you have to be careful if you want to finish the game.
This is a fairly large level, and it took a while to light with super detail but it worked fine.
Maybe someone will learn how to move outside Bnodes. They are not a problem in this level but in all my levels I have one room outside that has a number of Bnodes and they wont move to where you can align them the way you want them.

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