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April 18, 2011; 10:15 am


By Arsentia. I started this level a long time ago and had it practically
finished near the end of September of last year. Since then it has
languished on my hard drive, the victim of the "really good but just
not groundbreaking" syndrome.

I havent played Descent in over half a year, but I thought that itd
be a waste to just leave the level sitting around collecting dust.
Elise was to be the first of four levels that would make up another
mission set, but school and other factors ate into time and interest
to such a degree that the other three levels never got into the
conceptualization stage. To be honest, there are still problems with
this level too, the largest of which has to do with a fairly low
framerate in some areas. Perhaps in this respect, releasing it almost
a year later will have some beneficial effect in this area. Also,
apparently there are two T-joints in the level, but unfortunately I
still dont have the time to re-learn D3Edit and fix them. I couldnt
find them myself, so Im hoping that they are extremely minor at

Finally, some passing comments. Its a shame that the Descent
community isnt bigger, or that Descent 3 wasnt more popular than it
ended up being. As a result the franchise is doomed to linger in
obscurity. As of late a minor interest in level building has popped
up again, but I fear that I wont be building any more D3 levels like
I did when I found my old copy of D2 and reacquainted myself with
DEVIL. There seems to be less and less of a chance of actually
reaching an audience. It was good while it lasted, though. Id like
to toast anyone whos still madly building D3 levels and mods.
No doubt you will continue to breathe some life into the game long
after all but the most dedicated have moved on.

Special thanks to all along the way whove helped with the levels
Ive built, all those whove played them, and all those whove found
something to praise or criticize. And thanks for not giving me too
much flak about retiring from PlanetDescent. :) Comments to
[email protected] Enjoy.

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