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Doors of Moria
April 18, 2011; 9:45 am


By DwnUndr. We follow the steps of the nine brave souls that took up the quest of the ONE ring, the ring to bind them all...the quest that was determined to destroy the ring in the fires of Mount Doom.
Join us in this epic journey! We start in the bright and cheerful homeland of the Hobbits, where nothing "unexpected" ever happens. Well, except for the adventures of a certain family. From there we visit the Tower of Isengard and the Town of Bree before plunging into the depths of the Dwarven Mines.

This level set was an adventure in itself. Nine level builders from two continents came together to create it over a nine month period. That seems to be a lot of "nines", heh. Maybe Descent 3 will last nine years now?
About half of the cast is German, the other American. Also about half doesnt speak English and the other half doesnt speak German. How did we all meet? And how did we all communicate? We met in the mines of Descent 3. We played each others levels and enjoyed them. It is no accident that a small community like Descent 3 should bring friends together, even if they dont speak the same language. Many thanks to DigiJo, Diti, Floyd and Atan for translations.
Without a common forum this would have been much more difficult. Many thanks to Do_Checkor for providing an International Forum / English Embassy on his German site for this project! In addition, he is hosting the website for this project, which was written by [LL]Diti. Apologies to Diti¡¯s girlfriend for dragging him into this project, hehe. I also owe DigiJo a cake for replacing one certain custom texture in his level that also appeared in another level, over 1500 times! Hehe. Is chocolate okay?
While almost all levels have custom textures, they were all inserted manually, rather than by game file, so all MAC and Linux players can enjoy this tale (about 45 custom textures in all). In addition, there are several custom sound files too. DigiJo has custom door sounds in level two and Diti provided two custom sounds that live in levels one and six. See if you can hear them! Level one uses the English version of the Ring Wraiths whispering "Shire Baggins" and level six uses the German version of Gollum saying "My precious". There are not any custom ships, objects, weapons or scripts.
Weapons? The layout was up to each designer, although I did ensure that there were enough for 10 players to have fun. Shark, in particular, had a lot of fun with his selection. In deference to Krash, who loves his microwave, there are ten in the level...all just out of reach.
With this many levels, the full set will probably be served on 10 or 15 minute cycles in anarchy modes. If a server operator finds a favorite level, they are each available for individual download. Capture the Flag has been tested extensively.

During the course of this project we celebrated the 111th birthday of the master of this tale, J.R.R. Tolkien on January 3rd, 2003. Quoted from Bilbo Baggins: "My eleventyfirst birthday, a rather curious number and a very respectable age for a hobbit!" Rest in piece, Mr. Tolkien, your works are still alive today!

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