Summer TV

So, is anyone else watching 'Salvation'?

I was pleasantly surprised by this series. It gets absolutely railed by critics, but it's actually quite enjoyable.. in a kind of popcorn-entertainment kinda way.

I'm also waiting for 'The Last Ship' to resume, another summer popcorn series.

Gee, those critics sure are harsh.

With regards to Salvation:
I hate when they killed MacKenzie... I love that actress, she reminds me of Captain Janeway. Seeing her die was awful :(
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Re: Summer TV

Such as?

Btw am I the only one with Superhero fatigue? It's like every other show is about some Marvel, CW or DC superhero these days.

And I actually liked Daredevil, but even that doesn't appeal to me anymore..
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Re: Summer TV

A few off the top...

Orbiter 9
The Titan

I barely survived some of the plot twists in Iron Fist otherwise I generally don't watch super-any-thing

Just started watching Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, I don't even know where the shows going half the time, I like it :D and Final Space is another good show.

Re: Summer TV

Iron FIst was particularly bad to be honest. You picked a rotten apple for that one! Daredevil I can recommend. The others all range from mediocre to just above average.

I don't watch that much stuff really, but I usually set aside an hour or two in the evenings. So it will usually take me a couple of weeks to get through a season of something.
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Re: Summer TV

I said it before but I'll say it again super heroes ain't my cup of tea. I did struggle to get through the first season of Iron Fist and I'll see how the 2nd pans out otherwise I'll stop watching it.

As a kid I got my fair share of cartoons that included super heroes, and moved on to other genres. I like anime still - only the better stuff. I probably haven't seen many great shows since I finished up with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex seasons 1 and 2 fan-subs all those years back. I've watched many anime movies, and they tend to have good-to-great story lines. When I refer to anime I mean Japanese animation too and in saying that I don't include 'The Legend of Korra' or any 'Dragon Balls' as anime. I saw Mysterious Cities of Gold the original and season 2 a while back and they were okay to watch - unfortunately season 3 which has been out for sometime has not been translated to English in either sub or dub.

Done with season 1 of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, it was different and enjoyable :nod: Recommended

Re: Summer TV

Well The Last Ship is back and it's even more ridiculous than ever.

Literally, within the first 5 minutes of the episode I knew exactly what the plot was going to be, and it unfolded pretty much on cue. I guess they had no other direction to go or the show would be pretty boring I suppose?
And really, I'm no military hardware expert, but I'm FAIRLY sure it is not possible to spread a computer virus into everything that easily - I mean, planes probably aren't even networked in that way nor are the navy boats.. Not unless they're stupid.
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