Summer TV

So, is anyone else watching 'Salvation'?

I was pleasantly surprised by this series. It gets absolutely railed by critics, but it's actually quite enjoyable.. in a kind of popcorn-entertainment kinda way.

I'm also waiting for 'The Last Ship' to resume, another summer popcorn series.

Gee, those critics sure are harsh.

With regards to Salvation:
I hate when they killed MacKenzie... I love that actress, she reminds me of Captain Janeway. Seeing her die was awful :(
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Re: Summer TV

Such as?

Btw am I the only one with Superhero fatigue? It's like every other show is about some Marvel, CW or DC superhero these days.

And I actually liked Daredevil, but even that doesn't appeal to me anymore..
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Re: Summer TV

A few off the top...

Orbiter 9
The Titan

I barely survived some of the plot twists in Iron Fist otherwise I generally don't watch super-any-thing

Just started watching Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, I don't even know where the shows going half the time, I like it :D and Final Space is another good show.

Re: Summer TV

Iron FIst was particularly bad to be honest. You picked a rotten apple for that one! Daredevil I can recommend. The others all range from mediocre to just above average.

I don't watch that much stuff really, but I usually set aside an hour or two in the evenings. So it will usually take me a couple of weeks to get through a season of something.
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Re: Summer TV

I said it before but I'll say it again super heroes ain't my cup of tea. I did struggle to get through the first season of Iron Fist and I'll see how the 2nd pans out otherwise I'll stop watching it.

As a kid I got my fair share of cartoons that included super heroes, and moved on to other genres. I like anime still - only the better stuff. I probably haven't seen many great shows since I finished up with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex seasons 1 and 2 fan-subs all those years back. I've watched many anime movies, and they tend to have good-to-great story lines. When I refer to anime I mean Japanese animation too and in saying that I don't include 'The Legend of Korra' or any 'Dragon Balls' as anime. I saw Mysterious Cities of Gold the original and season 2 a while back and they were okay to watch - unfortunately season 3 which has been out for sometime has not been translated to English in either sub or dub.

Done with season 1 of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, it was different and enjoyable :nod: Recommended

Re: Summer TV

Well The Last Ship is back and it's even more ridiculous than ever.

Literally, within the first 5 minutes of the episode I knew exactly what the plot was going to be, and it unfolded pretty much on cue. I guess they had no other direction to go or the show would be pretty boring I suppose?
And really, I'm no military hardware expert, but I'm FAIRLY sure it is not possible to spread a computer virus into everything that easily - I mean, planes probably aren't even networked in that way nor are the navy boats.. Not unless they're stupid.
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Re: Summer TV

Netflix is in cancellation overdrive. Shows left, right and center being dropped. Luckily, none that I'm overly interested in or watch. Must be tightening the purse strings, cause they were so damn loose in the first place.

Watching Zoo atm. Good first season, reminds me of Heroes season 1 :nod:

Re: Summer TV

The Last Ship has been improving. The storyline is still ridiculous, but it's kinda fun. The show always reminded me of Crusade on the high seas in the first season. And the whole government conspiracy stuff seemed to be exactly what JMS was going for in the second season of Crusade.

The Walking Dead is back after a VERY lackluster Fear The Walking Dead season. The only reason to watch that show at this point is Alicia and Luciana ;)

TWD was very repetitive and needlessly violent during season 7-8, so hopefully season 9 will return to the shows roots. I'm interested in seeing what these Helicopters are all about - I'm thinking somekind of private organisation similar to 'The Institute' from Fallout 4... that'd be pretty cool, and some of the dialogue certainly seems to suggest that.
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