Niiice pics. 8)

Seriously, Hunter, the Hyperspace levels have gotten good and original enough that they are practically a separate game in their own right. :)

As for the voice acting, you didn't answer my question about what kind of quality of recordings you're looking for. The reason I ask is because I am capable of making the recordings now, but the quality of recordings aren't always the greatest (for instance, everytime I make the "puh" sound, it comes out as a burst of sound that is kind of painful for the ears, and volume seems to vary constantly, like the microphone is constantly moving closer and father back when it's not).

If this isn't a problem, then I'd be very interested in at least giving it a shot.
For the 'puh' sound, try holding a piece of cloth in front of the mic. If anyone in your family does needlepoint borrow a hoop with cloth in it to hold it tight.

For the 'puh' sound, try holding a piece of cloth in front of the mic.
Well, it's a headset mic, so it's kind of hard to manage, but I pulled it off with a few unsaved tests, and it helped. Quality sounds MUCH better now. :)

Still interested in the voice acting, you said on PD.Net that you had a few parts open. So, what do I need to do to apply?
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Mission 5 complete :D Just finished this semester's exams. Have been extremely busy of late. But, now that I am on holiday and I will be flying to the UK this weekend I'll have a fair bit of free time to finish up these missions and also work on my other single player level. Geez, it's about time. :P
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