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Ok, so I have finally decided to resume working on Silent Fury. Up until recently, for the past six months I haven't so much as taken a peek at it. This weekend I started shuffling around with some files and played through the first 4 missions of the mini campaign. The first four missions were more or less left in the ALPHA stage and the remaining three are just templates at the moment. So this means I will be building the fifth mission soon - Well, building is a loose term - scripting would be a better one. There isn't any building involved anymore. That being said, I think it will take me quite some time to get back into it. Having looked over the scripts and files, I haven't a CLUE what half of the things are because I never really made memos for each of them. Luckily my naming scheme is pretty well organized, but when it comes to modding D3 even the slightest error can cause a vague crash that leaves you no clues as to how it should be fixed. So first of all I will need to brush up on things, get used to it again and then resume working.

All that is left to be done at this stage is:

Scripting for missions 5-7
Voice recordings
Music editing
Additional effects
Fixing fixable bugs only

What HAS been done:

Scripting & testing for missions 1-4
All new models (including some older ones)
All weapon changes (some minor changes from Basewars)
All tables & AI
All sounds (only a few new sound effects)
Some voice recordings

I will be posting progress in this thread AS I work on it. I still (I think) need voice actors, so if you have a deep enough voice (sorry, no teenagers) or know someone who'd be willing to help out, drop me a PM. I will also throw up a FAQ in this thread so if you've any questions, fire away!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many missions will there be?

Seven in total. Each mission will have an average length of 15-20 minutes each, making them comparable to FreeSpace missions. In a sense each mission is a 'mini level' making the total playtime at around two hours. That being said, it'll probably take more than a few tries to beat each mission.

How hard will it be?

If you found Basewars brutal, then Silent Fury will be hell for you. It really depends on your skill as a pilot to avoid being killed - but more than that is the challenge of completing the mission tasks. If you don't make the right choices and quickly, then the mission will fail or you will die. There is only one life, after you die you have to restart or resume from a save.

If it's gonna be that hard, how am I gonna survive?

Each mission will have a small reprieve for the player inbetween combat and during combat you'll be able to instantly repair and refuel your ship by calling in for support using a hotkey. There is a limit to how often you can repair and if the support is destroyed it doesn't come back for the duration of that mission.

Is every robot gonna shoot at me like in the Assault levels?

Nope, in fact a great number of friendly escorts have been added to each mission including your own indestructable 'personal wing' that you can call to your aid when you need it. Think Alpha Wing from FreeSpace, only dumber.

Will co-op be supported?

Yes and no. While I plan to include the code to allow multiple players to complete a mission, due to the amount of scripting and data crashes or time outs may be common. There are also certain bugs associated with multiplayer that are unfixable.

What's different from Basewars?

Silent Fury is technically a single player version of Basewars. It has all the playerships, weapons and some of the NPCs from the Basewars pack. A few changes have been made here and there but I saw no need to reinvent the wheel yet again for Hyperspace. The only real new content is the missions themselves and the new stuff in each mission.

How much new content are we talking here?

New enemy ships, new friendly ships, some new sound effects, new textures, a big soundtrack, voice acting and lots of things to shoot at.

What style of music are you going for?

For Silent Fury I will be going back to the roots of Hyperspace with a style of music similar to that found in the very first Hyperspace level, Standoff.

Will this be your last outing as a level designer?

Nope, infact I am working on two other levels as we speak. They may be 'loosely' connected to Hyperspace, but won't have a space setting.

Background Story

Today, several organizations working for the Maltu Orion Legion have collapsed, disbanded or escaped from the Northern regions. Rumors of the Mercenary Confederation's incredible campaign has left the northern Hope and Genesis regions shattered. People are no longer investing their stock in the Maltu Security Service and the outer colonies are no longer requesting shipments from the once popular Maltu Industries. The crumbling economy of the Maltu Orion Legion now has it's fate set in stone. The Confederation has successfully used guerrilla tactics with the Legion for many months now, including the reprogramming of automated drone units which has resulted in the infestation of several key facilities within the Maltu domain. Recently, the Confederation were even able to directly bomb trespassing Maltu ships out of orbit in the Killani system on the edge of the Sagittaria region. Despite cries from the colonies and corporations operating within the Northern Territories, the Earth Alliance has refused to get involved in the affair's of outsiders. In their very words "The Maltu Orion Legion was formed to oppose the Alliance by renegade officers who turned their back on the very fundamental laws of society. We have no time for traitors nor mercenary organizations. Should the Confederation interfere with the affairs of the Alliance or it's outer colonies, only then shall we take the appropriate course of action." Despite the bold words of suggestive action, many people know that few people are capable of tracking down the hideouts of the ruthless Mercenary Confederation. Even if the Alliance decided to take action, it would take months to even locate their staging bases.

Strange Goings on Are Abound

Alliance forces have recently lost contact with deep space stations in the Rintadi system, one of the primary transfer systems connecting to the Genesis Exit, the most crucial gateway between the North and South regions. Few remains were found, making it impossible to learn what has transpired. With both the Legion and Confederation busy squabbling with each other, the Alliance suspects either terrorism or pirates from the Gemini Syndicate to be responsible. Despite that, accidental causes have yet to be ruled out. While bases in the Rintadi system hold no strategic value, officials are concerned. It is believed over fifty personnel amongst the deep space outposts perished.


Following the mysterious loss of the Legion's carrier classs vessel, the Icarus, there are reports of major drawbacks of Maltu Security Forces. Safety in numbers is their defining strategy, and while the Mercenaries are capable of dealing significant damage in direct combat, they simply don't have the capability to push the Legion any further. It is not known for certain how the Mercenaries were able to overcome a superior, heavily armed Carrier, however surprise bombing tactics are suspected to have been used - similar tactics were used on a Leviathan class Alliance carrier several years ago during the Pion riots. The Legion has yet to publish any findings relating to the Icarus' demise. And now, automated defenses litter the landscape as the Hope region has become a wasteland filled with booby traps and drone infested outposts. The cold battle for the North is over as the Maltu's crumbling empire has consolidated all of it's forces into one large fleet, and the Confederation is now busy collecting the spoils for their dirty dealings. The door is wide open for looters, scavengers and pirates alike. With no threat of retribution, it has become a stomping grounds for societies dark threads.

Scroll down for screenshots.
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About the voice acting...

Are there any particular lines to be said, or some kind of script?

And what kind of quality of recordings are you shooting for?

I ask, because it's all factors I need to keep in mind in case I decide to volunteer. (Because nothing would make me happier) :D
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Yeah there are particular lines, not sure what is left though as some of my crew haven't gotten back to me. I'll need some samples of your voice.

Edit: Some mission testing....

A familiar gate:
A friendly takes a hit:
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Niiice pics. 8)

Seriously, Hunter, the Hyperspace levels have gotten good and original enough that they are practically a separate game in their own right. :)

As for the voice acting, you didn't answer my question about what kind of quality of recordings you're looking for. The reason I ask is because I am capable of making the recordings now, but the quality of recordings aren't always the greatest (for instance, everytime I make the "puh" sound, it comes out as a burst of sound that is kind of painful for the ears, and volume seems to vary constantly, like the microphone is constantly moving closer and father back when it's not).

If this isn't a problem, then I'd be very interested in at least giving it a shot.
"You just struck out for the next five innings" "But it didn't get me!" -Calvin & Hobbes

Well assuming my current voice actors pull through, then that'll leave only small parts to be recorded which CAN be low quality. :) I will let you know in a couple of days.
so this is Descent ? Looks like a FS mod from the screenies.
Yeah, but it's using the original D3 engine - not a SCP enhanced one which would be great to have...

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