My bad. I forgot to mention where it is currently stored. In the Freespace 2 section of sectorgame.com, under the SCP Campaigns. You'll find all five archives required to play. I had to split all the files into different archives so they could be uploaded.

Thanks for that one. I failed to notice that was missing when making the .ini. Only just noticed most of the .inis from other mods based on FS2 have it. I'll remember that one in future.

Okay, so wow. Considering you've been working on this alone, it's quite impressive. I like the storyline, as well as the new ships (and the use of a separate Mainframe :) ). Also, your missions are very good. Challenging (the last one even a bit too challenging IMHO), but generally feasible. Thumbs up.

Now for the criticism:
- Language. There are quite some spelling/grammar mistakes.
- You may want to use the starfield.pof skybox, it makes for a prettier background.
- When making cutscenes, I recommend you use the gradual camera movement instead of the "blocky" start/stop.
- The ice planet has stars visible through the black part.

Now, I would offer to help you out, but as you're making better missions than I can, I don't know if I would be able to help a lot...

I like the feedback. Its allowing me to better look at the project right now.

The difficulty is kinda a screw-up. To try and reduce it would mean reconstructing the level entirely. I can't exactly picture the current levels in a different way.

Grammar, yeah I have made some mistakes, but I can't quite seem to find all of them. Not quite the spell-checker I used to be.

I only just found that starfield.pof thing having looked at how The Babylon Project missions are made. I'm gonna be using that a lot more.

The stars through planets problem? I haven't found a solution to it. All the custom ones I happen to find around the web, except for that in mods such as The Babylon Project and Beyond The Red Line Demo, have the same problem. I'd love to know how to fix it.

If you would like to help with missions, the main thing is creating the level with the majority of objects in it and some of the basics happening. I can always mention for instance, what should be in a level and how it should be set up, if you're interested.

With at least a week gone by for the initial demo release and early fixing to making the new development version go smoothly, it's time for me to re-ignite the engine on the mod and aim for the finish.

All that truely remains is missions, command briefings and anything needed in between. Other than that, Cerberus: Emergence, the correct spelling, is what it is currently, for now. I will have to reupload the final version in the end.

Wanna join forces to finish this thing? Send a message! Tell me what you can do!

Edit: As of this edit, missions are well underway. If you have seen the first levels and noted the accidental difficulty, note this will not be the issue with the next load. I am making these missions to be somewhat less challenging and a bit exciting. Starting from 05 and 06, you'll see what I mean. I'll release screenshots if appropriate.

Edit 14/05/09: Missions 05 and 06 are near complete already, and in less time than estimated. With 07 ready to go from the drawing board and 08 on the horizon, things are looking highly positive. A current issue is wether to release the missions as a small pack once ready to allow those who have the current demo to continue forward from mission 04. Let me know if you wish to see these released.

Sorry for my abscene in updates. Matters outside the mod in the real world have kept me away and the development halted by a week, or two. In any case, levels 1-8 are finished. The rest is yet to come.

Stand by for further updates.

Edit: I feel I have to come clean.

Levels 6 and 8 are actually alot harder than I thought. As they are pretty important, I kinda have had to go back twice and re-do them so they mesh and play better. Gearing up for the next phase is also a bit stressful. Because, well, I hate to put a tiny spoiler here, but you're not just fighting the Shivans and you're not going to be alone eventuallly. The most important parts of the story are on the horizon and I want to get them as as perfect as possible. The new foe that I will not name has had to have a big overhaul as well, mainly the facelift. The current look does not suit well and needs a new one fast!

I'm not saying I'm running out of steam or that I'm having second thoughts of this project. I absolutely want to finish this so I can begin on something new. If any of you out there feel you could or would like to help, I could use any and all that I can get. In the end, this campaign will have well be worth it. I promise that.

The halfway mark has been reached. With the missions 50% complete, a lot of re-textures, balancing and playtesting, the mod is looking very promising for a release in the not too distant future. I am highly confident this will go well when released.

On another note, I am no longer using Imageshack to post my artwork and screenshots. Instead, you will find future updates on my DeviantArt profile. Here are two examples of the shaping-up toward release:

http://starwolf1991.deviantart.com/art/ ... -125988427

http://starwolf1991.deviantart.com/art/ ... -125988209

Due to outside of FS2 work, studies and a lack of energy, this campaign has been put on hold for the time being. Once I'm able to free up time and get some energy, I will resume. But until then, not much new is happening. I will announce when I make my comeback.

As of this morning, after gathering and improving new assets and renewed effort, Cerberus: Emergence is officially once again active for development.

Starting off with a return to business is the completion of level 9, a big important level for the campaign as it has major significance for the events to come.

Next in line are animated glow additions, although they are simple light to dark glows. These have been applied to the SF Gorgon, SF Scorpion and SF Chimera.

Editing of another important level has finished, one found toward the end of the campaign which is, in ways, quite sad. But anyway, that's the only detail about that little mission!

On a final note, two bits of trash I only just encountered have been removed from the mod. Those who looked at the demo can get cosy with the Wasp and Harpoon II training missiles before they become phased out. These were in the long-time ago early version for a very different kind of a level.

Coming up will be a final menu interface change to reflect the upcoming complete project sometime in future, as well as more levels and tweaks. Stay tuned!

hi starwolf:

I know it's been a while since the last post of this thread, but might we have any current news regarding cerberus?

Will we have some more dante goodness?

best regards.


Hello, Starlord. Thank you for your post.

Yes, it is been a while since the last post. Far too long in fact. This is what I have to say on Cerberus.

Since September, Cerberus was put on what seemed to be permanent hold. Things weren't going so great for myself nor for the mod and it wasn't before long that I was invited to join the Ancient-Shivan War. These things have taken a bit of a toll I will say. I won't lie to you, things weren't that great before the ASW.

At the moment, Cerberus's future is somewhat unclear. I've often considered a remake or continuation of the project, but just haven't reached that decision yet. At this stage, a remake would more likely be the more suitable option. That way, I could take advantage of many things learnt over the last three months and how I've shaped up to be a better modder. (This, I largely owe FSF and the ASW great thanks.)

A remake would of course mean reinventing of the story, improving many of its assets and so on, but a lot of it can and should remain. Maybe the title too. I'll say this. If it can be done, I'll make it happen.

Should it get back on the road, then yes. I will see that the Dante remains as part of the new Shivan armada. Although I must say, it might just have to take a different approach, being a vessel that size and as I feel it can serve more than a terror for what would've been the climax of the mod.

If you would like to know more, let me know. A new thread could always begin.

Thank you once again for your post.

Edit: You will notice all deviantart links are down. Please disregard them.

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