New to Freespace 2

Hello. I just downloaded Freespace 2 for the first time on Ive heard a lot about the game and how fun it can be but I want to play it with the best compatible mod(s) that work together for graphics and sound that is currently available. Maybe other mods too that make the game more fun? Can someone recommend some for me and possibly post the link to it here if they are available on this site for download.

Also any recommendations on how to start playing as in what type of controller is best, what settings are best, ect.

Thanks in advance.

Re: New to Freespace 2

For starters, you'll want to get FreeSpace Open and the MediaVPs; updated versions of the game EXE and the game data, respectively. They're required for most modern mods. As for which mods to play first, try Battuta's guide.

You'll notice that all of those links point to; that's the biggest and most active of the FreeSpace modding sites. This one, Sectorgame, is a little (much) smaller and quieter.
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