RELEASE: 3.6.10 Media VPs

Sectorgame needs a release thread!

RELEASE: 3.6.10 Media VPs

Since January this year, spawned by the Beta, a new FSU team was established to bring to light one of the most awaited (and awaited... and awaited...) enhancements to Freespace.

To borrow from a prior Descent release, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Thousands of modified files spanning 200+ SVN commits and 6 test packages, countless sleepless hours (resulting in one team member receiving disciplinary action from the workplace), arguments both public and private, have all to come together to provide over 150 normal maps, significant reworking of existing and the addition of quite a few new effects, some as of yet unreleased HTL ships and every bug, potential bug and quibble addressed and crushed.

We hope you have a much more enjoyable time with the end results!


Step 1: Ensure you have a working installation of Freespace 2

The MediaVPs require a working installation of retail Freespace 2. If you do not have the retail Freespace 2, it can be purchased from Good Old Games for $6 USD:


Step 2: Get the latest Nightly Build and Launcher
Both the fs2_open_3_6_10r-20081207_r4985.exe and Launcher.exe should be placed in your root Freespace2 install folder. ie: "C:\Games\FreeSpace2"


Step 3: Set up the mediavps mod directory

If it does not already exist, create a new folder called "mediavps" in your Freespace 2 install folder, and place the MV_*.vp files in there.
So, if you installed Freespace 2 to "C:\Games\FreeSpace2" then you would place these Media VP files into "C:\Games\FreeSpace2\mediavps"

If your mediavps directory does already exist, then it probably has some old VPs and other bits and pieces in it. Delete or move (completely out of the FS directory structure) ALL these old files, leaving you with an empty mediavps folder.

Next download the following components and place them in your newly created mediavps folder: ===================================

Step 4: Configure the launcher flags
  • Open the launcher and go to the MOD tab and click "Select MOD". From here select the 'mediavps' folder and click ok.
  • Go to the "Features" tab to activate the specific features FSO offers. The recommended settings are:
    ==> Graphics List:

    Enable Specular
    Enable Glowmaps
    Enable Environment Maps
    Apply Lighting to Missiles
    Enable Normal Maps
    (Personal preference) Enable 3D Shockwaves (switches shockwaves from always facing the camera to spawning with random orientations)

    ==> Gameplay List:

    Enable 3D Warp
    (Personal preference) Enable Flash on Warp (switches a simple flare effect on that flashes when a subspace vortex opens and closes)

    ==> In the "Custom Flags field" copy & paste (Without the quotes): "-ambient_factor 35 -ogl_spec 20 -spec_exp 15 -spec_point 1.2 -spec_static 1.5 -spec_tube 1.5"

    (Note, any of these settings and the others in the lists can be tweaked as desired. See the Wiki Page on Launcher Flags for more information on each: ... _Reference )

Step 5: Download the 3.6.10 MediaVPs themselves!

[OPTION 1] - Single VP containing everything:

FSMods ;; Sectorgame ;; Mirror
(To save on bandwidth, please use the torrent link if you are able!) (For demonoid members) ... 51/1727794 (To go straight to the torrent)

Unfortunately we forgot to include MV_Music in the single large VP. For the complete package you will need MV_Music as well, even if you have MV_Complete already.



[OPTION 2] - The individual component VPs:

Torrent Links: (For demonoid members) ... 9/15550146 (To go straight to the torrent)

MV_Core.vp (Minimum required for running FSO)
FSMods ;; Sectorgame ;; Mirror


FSMods ;; Sectorgame ;; Mirror

FSMods ;; Sectorgame ;; Mirror

MV_Advanced.vp (For users with higher end machines)
FSMods ;; Sectorgame ;; Mirror


Step 6: Play and enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Known Issues
  • Anyone experiencing graphical problems with the Shivan beams (typically people with ATI cards), please download these 16x512 resolution textures and paste the three files (SBeamAB, SBeamAD and SBeamAE) into "\FreeSpace2\mediavps\data\effects". If that folder doesn't exist, create it.
  • If you are getting "Error: mv_strings-lcl.tbm is corrupt" at startup with a non-english FS install, extract 'mv_strings-lcl.tbm' from this file into your "\Freespace2\mediavps\data\tables" folder. If that folder doesn't exist, create it.
These issues will be more permanently addressed in the patch following the release of the official 3.6.10 build.


For those of you wanting to use the MV_Advanced or MV_Complete VP but don't care for the Animated Glow Maps, here is a VP that will turn them off:
FSMods ;; Sectorgame ;; Mirror


Hashes File.
You can use a tool such as hashtab or the plugin for Firefox to generate the hashes of the big VP files as you get them to ensure they were downloaded intact.

Shivan Beam effects operational
CoOp/Single Mission Corrections
Numerous model bugs resolved
Numerous map and effects issues resolved
Load optimizations and packaging for performance increases

Load optimizations and packaging for performance increases (So nifty, it's here twice!)
New models and a LOAD of normal maps!
Balanced shaders for the best in performance and visual quality
Stellar Enhancements now In-Mission for Single and Multiplayer!
Species specific Secondary weapons for the Shivan fleet!


A contents excerpt from the the Readme:

Code: Select all

(MV_Core) [*]3D Warp model {VA} [*]Ballistic-primary HUD {Goober5000} [*]Command briefing scrollbars {Goober5000} [*]FS2NetD (Multiplayer) Config file {MatthewPapa} [*]'Apply Loadout to Wing' Weapon Select screen art. {Galemp,Goober5000} [*]Detailed loadout stats {Pnakotus} [*]Turret alignment fix {Admiral Nelson} [*]Additional escort list entry {WMCoolmon} [*]Shield icon {CP5670} [*]Dragon target LOD fix {Taylor} [*]Environment mapping default cubemap {Taylor} [*]Shader files {Taylor/Zacam/WMCoolmon/blackhole} [*]Splash screen image {DaBrain} [*]New Squad Logos {Zacam} [*]Freighter & Cargo Brief Icons fix {Galemp} ---------- (MV_Music) [*]High-Fi Battle music for 'Genesis' {Daniel Wentz} [*]High-Fi Battle music for 'Numbers' {Daniel Wentz} [*]High-Fi Battle music for 'Joshua' {Daniel Wentz} [*]High-Fi Ambience, Battle, and Arrival music for 'Revelation' {Daniel Wentz} [*]High-Fi Music for 'Brief6' {Daniel Wentz} [*]High-Fi Failure music {Daniel Wentz} ---------- (MV_Assets) [*]Shine maps for all vessels {Galemp/Lightspeed} [*]Glow maps for all vessels {Galemp/Lightspeed} [*]Additional quality textures for many vessels {LightSpeed/DaBrain/Galemp} [*]Touched-up Medusa maps {Turambar} [*]High-poly Aeolus {VA/Raptor} [*]High-poly Amazon {VA} [*]High-poly Amazon Advanced {Galemp} [*]High-poly Anuket model {Taristin} [*]High-poly Ares {Raa/StratComm} [*]High-poly Asteroids {Sandwich/StratComm/VA/DaBrain} [*]High-poly Aten {VA} [*]High-poly Deimos {Bobboau/Stratcomm} [*]High-poly Dis {GalEmp} [*]High-poly Erinyes {FireCrack} [*]High-poly Faustus {Galemp} [*]High-poly Fenris/Leviathan model {VA/Karma} [*]High-poly Hecate {Raven2001/Galemp} [*]High-poly Hercules {Bobboau} [*]High-poly Hercules II {Devils_hitman/StratComm} [*]High-poly Horus (Taristin/VA} [*]High-poly Iceni {Nx/VA} [*]High-poly Loki {VA} [*]High-poly Lucifer {VA} [*]High-poly Mara {Nico} [*]High-poly Medusa {StratComm} [*]High-poly Meson Bomb {Firecrack/VA} [*]High-poly Mjolnir {StratComm/Mikhael} [*]High-poly Moloch {WeatherOp} [*]High-poly Myrmidon model {F1gm3nt/JarC/Raa} [*]High-poly NavBuoy {Firecrack} [*]High-poly Orion {Bobboau/Galemp/StratComm} [*]High-poly Pegasus {StratComm} [*]High-poly Perseus {Nico} [*]High-poly Ravana {Raven2001/StratComm/Galemp} [*]High-poly SAC 3 {GalEmp} [*]High-poly Satis {Taristin/StratComm} [*]High-poly Serapis {Taristin} [*]High-poly Shivan missiles {VA} [*]High-poly Sobek {Taristin/StratComm} [*]High-poly Stilleto II, Harpoon, Helios, and Trebuchet {FireCrack} [*]High-poly Tempest {blowfish/Zacam} [*]High-poly Subspace models {Taristin} [*]High-poly TAC 1 {Galemp} [*]High-poly TC-Tri {Black Wolf/VA} [*]High-poly Terran & Vasudan debris chunks {VA} [*]High-poly Triton {Vasudan Admiral/Raptor} [*]High-poly Hornet, Interceptor, Harbinger, Tsunami {Galemp} [*]High-poly Tsunami, Harbinger, and Cyclops bombs {Galemp} [*]High-poly Ulysses {peterv/VA} [*]High-poly Ursa {Firecrack} [*]High-poly Zeus {VA} [*]Glowpointed Arcadia & some Terran hi-poly ships {StratComm} [*]High-res starfield skybox {Lt.Cannonfodder/Herra Tohtori} [*]Nameplates for all Terran capital ships in main campaign {Admiral Nelson/Zacam} [*]Fixed and upgraded FS2 missions {Admiral Nelson/Zacam/VA} [*]Four-player version of the main campaign {AceRimmer/Zacam} [*]Normal maps for many, many ships {DaBrain} [*]Other normal maps {Galemp/Herra Tohtori/Zacam/VA} ---------- (MV_Effects) [*]High-res planet and nebulae images {Lightspeed/Herra Tohtori} [*]High-res weapon and weapon impact effects {Lightspeed/DaBrain} [*]High-res and animated beam effects {DaBrain/Firecrack/Bobboau/VA} [*]High-res engine glows and flares {Lightspeed/Bobboau/VA} [*]High-res and astronomically correct suns {Admiral Nelson/m2258734a} [*]High-res shield hit effect {DaBrain} [*]High-res motion debris {Sandwich} [*]Afterburner Trails {Turambar/VA} [*]High-res subspace effects {VA} [*]Glowpoints for Terran ships {Stratcomm} [*]High-res nebula textures {DaBrain} [*]Low-end 2D & 3D Shockwave {DaBrain} [*]Fixed retail sun images {CP5670} [*]New flak projectile effect {Wanderer} [*]New ParticleSmoke02 {VA} ---------- (MV_Advanced) [*]High-quality explosion textures {Lightspeed} [*]Super high-quality 2D & 3D Shockwave {DaBrain} [*]High-res explosion effects {Lightspeed} [*]Vasudan Turret effects {Bobboau} [*]Animated glowmaps (GlowLTL-12.0) {Lightspeed} [*]Shivan and Vasudan shield effects {DaBrain} [*]Muzzleflashes {DaBrain} [*]Asteroid explosion {DaBrain} (All) [*]Modular Tables {DaBrain/Wanderer/VA/Zacam/blowfish}
FSU Staff:
Herra Tohtori
Vasudan Admiral

MediaVP Testers:

Credits not found in the Readme:

Swantz @ FreeSpaceMods.Net for hosting, Thank You!
Launcher BMP used by this set of MediaVPs: Aardwolf


Coming Soon:
MV_AbolishUberShock: Converts the shockwave back to simple3D while still allowing use of Advanced.
SCP Enhanced Multi-Missions package
Remaining Multiplayer Missions from root_fs2.vp
Single Player Gauntlets a la FSPort (but for FS2!)


While we took every effort we could to make gameplay as smooth and as rewarding as possible in this release, some things are always a matter of personal taste. Some people may feel creatively inclined to modify the resources within these VP's to their own ends. And as this is an open community project, you are certainly free to do so. But when it comes to the MediaVP's themselves, we cannot bug-fix or troubleshoot anything involving custom or modified content that was not created by the team for a specific effect (EG: The Abolish VP's.) So, to best facilitate fixes and future work, please only report issues with non-modified content.

*** If other people host via other trackers, PM me so I can update the Initial seed with them!! ***
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      Twisted Infinities

      Ooh, an early christmas present from the team! Thanks guys!

      I'll be trying these out now.
      'Memory and imagination are but one thing, which for diverse considerations, have diverse names'
      ¦- F R E D E N T H U S I A S T -¦

      Screenshots taken with the latest Media VP's would be great, if anyone has time, please take as many pretty pictures as you can and upload them to the Gallery at F2S. :)
      The Expanse. Watch it!

      Screenshots taken with the latest Media VP's would be great, if anyone has time, please take as many pretty pictures as you can and upload them to the Gallery at F2S. :)
      I would, but whenever I do it they always manage to look horrible.
      'Memory and imagination are but one thing, which for diverse considerations, have diverse names'
      ¦- F R E D E N T H U S I A S T -¦
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