Didn't particulary like the Icarus Trance, but I did really like Sliding Away :). It started off pretty good, and though I was expecting the beats at the begining to be faster it didn't bother that much. Overall a great composition on the latter :wink:

Reminds of the music done by Black Squadron, TWK... and some Scooter of course.

lol sux :(
for my next song, i'm attempting to create an all new remix of bittersweet symphony. hopefully it will turn out good!
(did i mention it only took me one day to make sliding away?)
EDIT: WHOA this is turning out to be an AWSOME remix
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lol ngtm1r. the thing is, i know BH quite well and i must say, out of anyone to compose, he'd prolly be the only one who could compose songs in a day. you have *no* idea how good he is w/ music. i'm not saying your wrong, but just keep this in mind.
now for an update on my latest composition: lookin pretty good. i still want to add more bassline and extend the song longer. will post once finished.
you can listen to the original techno remix of bittersweet symphony here: http://media.putfile.com/Moby---Bitters ... o-Remix-63
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