RELEASE - Derelict SCP Edition

That's right, I went there.

It's done. Super shiny fully voice-acted goodness. It's been a long time coming (almost a year, I think) but it's finally done. I can now get on with my life.

So here it is. Thanks go to: Agatheron and Kellan and the rest of the original Derelict crew; Ransom Arceihn, Cobra, Spaceman Spiff, Mongoose, Redberg, Getter Robo G, Ionia23, Stunaep, Nix, Darkblade and Azrael15; and an extra special thanks to Nix for being kind enough to host the mammoth voicepack files.

Pictures: 1 2 3 4 5 6

All right, here you go: Nix' site

DerelictSCP.rar is the core campaign, the other packs are the special, briefing, command briefing and debriefing voice files respectively.

Direct links:

You'll need a free account at Fileshack to download anything other than the core campaign file; I'm working on getting stuff up at FileFront if signing up really bothers you but it'll take some time, so for now it's Fileshack or nuthin', baby.

Enjoy. :)
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Bugmenot is your friend... hehe...

Then temporarily allow the pop up to "pop up", download the file. If you close the browser, you shouldnt have to leave popups enabled, in both IE and Firefox. They should let you do a one-shot deal without having to fully enable.

But hey, filefront is just as good. I think Fileshack does it so thier servers arent overloaded, and allows everyone a solid connection to download the files without corruption or massive speed hits.
It just sprayed me with MACE why would it do that?!

Cool. :D

Will download and dust off FS2 tommorow. :)

Do we need current SCP version and media and all that too I guess?
Yes, I recommend using this build, since other recent builds seem to have issues with docking and such. :?

It uses a .tbm file for the Saphah so the only new media you'll need is the most recent release of Lightspeed's Background Nebula (the eight-set one) else you won't have any backgrounds. However, it does look very nice with the 3.6.8 VPs.
Homesick, Sol: A History, Shrouding the Light, Fall of Epsilon Pegasi

Aye tis pretty cool.

BTW Tariston, what do you find is the best way to configure the control?

I'm having some trouble getting the bank to work no matter what axis I assign it too.

I've rigged the right thumbstick to be the pitch and yaw with the click in to be the bank.

Bit of messing around behind getting it set up rights, but aye, way cooler than the old stuffed joystick. :p
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