Anything good to watch lately?

I haven't watched a drama or sci-fi for what feels like months.. actually it has been months. It just feels like everything is so rubbish these days.
At one point I would watch shows like TWD, Star Trek etc religiously but now I just can't be bothered. TWD feels like it has outstayed its welcome, and Trek.. ugh.
Only thing I've watched is the occasional thing on TV, or Youtube.

Any recommendations?
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Anything good to watch lately?

Truth Seekers on PRIME. The Man Who Knew Infinity - Seen this a few times, probably read the book at some stage.

Still watching S4 in BSG and Farscape, and last season of Lost :roll: - Feels like I'll never finish that last show. And I still got the last season of 'The 100' too, ah maybe there 2 seasons more. Haven't watched too much over the last 6 months, played some switch games too.

If I remem anymore I'll add to the list. My memory is Jello atm

Re: Anything good to watch lately?

I watched 5 seasons of that and then waited and waited and it's out now - a while back - but f$ck it. It kind of does carry on pointlessly. It got good and then you say WTF! Meh people. Reminds me of the Iron Fist, and that was like Danny just kill'em already! So many shows have failed with long story arcs cause there just sh1t! I liked 12 monkeys but some bits were just too repetitive. I still have not watched the last few episodes but I will!

My list to finish or maybe not ^1
  • RECAP: Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Lost
  • 12 Monkeys, last few episodes
  • Boys somewhere end of s1
  • Man in the High Castle on another Planet *rec watching in 3x speed to come back to normal time
  • Dark, last season. Might have to re-watch in future just to understand the time jumps in that show
  • Ultra violet, s2, Polish detective show
  • ^1 Altered Carbon s2 *might not be worth it since that was the last season
  • ^1 The 100
Haven't watched The Flash or Arrow, cause I ain't watch Marvel, I try to avoid Star Wars too. Probably see wat the fuss is about on the Mandalorian when I get round to getting Disney+ for exactly 1xmonth. Too many streaming services, ridiculous!

Re: Anything good to watch lately?

I've actually taken a 'sabbatical' from watching TV/dramas these days. I almost exclusively play EVE in my free time now. How the wheel turns!

But that's fine, there isn't much 'great' TV about these days and what does come out is usually a 10 episode season, so I've got plenty of stuff on the back burner for when I get bored with internet spaceships.

The Boys S1 was pretty awesome btw, I love Anthony Starr in that role. His role in Banshee was also kickass.
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Anything good to watch lately?

It's strange - no matter how many old/new shows I've yet to watch I come back to re-watching some classics. Just went through some random SG-1 episodes and now onto Atlantis. I'm also mid-way through 4k LOTR - always remembered 2 Towers better, ain't look that way now!

And.. whilst watching the 3-parter Atlantis episodes 'The Siege' it got me thinking when the Asgard Hermiod was aboard. Why didn't the Asgard send some of their scientists and ships (for defense) to Atlantis, surely theres stuff onboard that would help them greatly in their quests and it would speed up all the discoveries made by humans too!?

Re: Anything good to watch lately?

As good or bad as Picard is.. it's re-watch value is naught=0! Would love some standalone episodes. They should of done a season for Picard (1st) like they did and leave it at that, then a Riker arc, Crazy Dr Soong arc, La Forge, Worf, Crusher (Bev), Troi, etc and add characters from DS9 and VOY. Span 3-5 seasons. Call it Star Trek Crossovers or something and have different theme arcs or stories. Could even have some overlapping intertwining long story arc too. Would be EPIC too! :(

Re: Anything good to watch lately?

So Picard S3 was pretty awesome (except for a great many plot problems) and they actually did stick an OK landing for the end - not great, but not terrible. S2 was garbage by the end, so I'm reversing on my previous opinion.

Sharpe? Haven't seen that in a while... Did they ever remaster it/upscale it?
The Expanse. Watch it!
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