Anything good to watch lately?

I haven't watched a drama or sci-fi for what feels like months.. actually it has been months. It just feels like everything is so rubbish these days.
At one point I would watch shows like TWD, Star Trek etc religiously but now I just can't be bothered. TWD feels like it has outstayed its welcome, and Trek.. ugh.
Only thing I've watched is the occasional thing on TV, or Youtube.

Any recommendations?
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Anything good to watch lately?

Truth Seekers on PRIME. The Man Who Knew Infinity - Seen this a few times, probably read the book at some stage.

Still watching S4 in BSG and Farscape, and last season of Lost :roll: - Feels like I'll never finish that last show. And I still got the last season of 'The 100' too, ah maybe there 2 seasons more. Haven't watched too much over the last 6 months, played some switch games too.

If I remem anymore I'll add to the list. My memory is Jello atm
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