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Yes, watch BSG! It goes off the rails a bit in later seasons, but it's a fairly satisfying series. It doesn't please everyone, but it's certainly no LOST.
BSG is on prime now and I'm nearly done with season 1. Baltar is so funny :badgrin: - I can't believe the rest of the crew doesn't see him talking to himself as a threat during the crisis :? And that preview of the current episode at the beginning of each episode is bizarre

With LOST - geeze.. I just finished s4 but am struggling to watch more.

You should give it another go. It's light hearted enough to stomach quite easily in the first season, and once the heavier stuff starts coming you should be settled enough into the groove to keep watching. You're missing out by not watching it. It's like ditching B5 after Season 1. You'll never know what you missed.
I'm in season 3 of Farscape. What happened to Claudia Black, her acting in the first season was good and maybe the 2nd but the 3rd it's like shes not in the show :? The acting quality from the actors does vary a lot throughout the show, certainly inconsistent.

I must say though this show has so much comedy and hilarious insults especially by Rigel, probably been the best highlight with s2 onwards :D

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Hmm, I don't remember any episode previews for BSG - only recaps. I guess that's something they added on Prime. Perhaps because they think people won't know whats going on? :mrgreen: I've done a few runs of BSG since it aired, I definitely enjoyed it more at first. But subsequent watches have changed my opinion a little, especially on S4, a bit like B5 Season 5 or Voyager S6/S7 which I liked at first watch - until later rewatches. Ugh..

Admittedly Farscape is not for everyone, but I've always enjoyed it even during re-watches. The universe is nicely fleshed out (though at times wacky) and the makeup/puppet department always did a great job. It's also nice how the show is set during our time, like Stargate, instead of some alternate universe or far flung future. Also keep in mind that after Farscape was cancelled, there was some uproar and eventually they ended up making the miniseries (Peacekeeper Wars) which effectively closes off several plot lines. But, a bit like Serenity (Firefly) it's not perfect and does tend to rush through everything. Admittedly, this is because they had to cram season 5's storyline into 3 hours.
The Expanse. Watch it!

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I'm liking BSG a lot - not as good as B5 but it has its moments. Col. Tigh is one hell of a colorful fracking character. How did I miss this show. I can't even remem why I didnt watch it back in the day. Maybe the original BSG got to me. If I haven't mentioned already it's great to have good scifi to watch still :D

Meanwhile on Lost.. I know I'm somewhere in season 5 and I realised I probably should have gotten a notebook and written down s### for this show.

If you get an opportunity checkout the movie Timetrap, prob B-grade but the 'TIME' concept in the film is awesome!
A professor enters a cave and goes missing. Some of his students come looking for him and get trapped in the cave as well.

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