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I enjoyed Farscape initially but when Scorpius came onto the scene, meh :razz: I don't think I ever finished watching the show.

..And I still can't get that music out of my head from the episode "Thank God It's Friday, Again" and this clip too The Australian accent really carries through.

Then it got me onto this thread which made me question whether the show was an Australian production ... p?t=711011 and I was thinking maybe the show got feckled around a bit ... 00_to_2004 cause Scorpius was appearing in too many episodes and the show felt different. Somewhat like how Straczynski's Crusade didn't end up like it should which when I think about it has a similar feel to Farscape in season 1. After all this I might have to return to finish it off :)

Recording sci-fi in the 90s was difficult too with free to air networks tossing around schedules daily. I remember Farscape being on during the day or early in the morning around 2-3am, I was going to school for f*ck sake!

Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

You should give it another go. It's light hearted enough to stomach quite easily in the first season, and once the heavier stuff starts coming you should be settled enough into the groove to keep watching. You're missing out by not watching it. It's like ditching B5 after Season 1. You'll never know what you missed.

Farscape was not that heavily meddled with, but naturally it was a co-funded show. It was not only an Aussie production. That was not on a rumour thread, this was common knowledge when the show aired. And yeah the 90's kinda sucked when you think about how hard it was to watch sci-fi, it got the short end of the stick ALL THE TIME by TV networks.

It's only really in the last handful of years we've actually got outlets that care about sci-fi instead of shoving it around. Unfortunately there has been a drop in writing quality of late, but shows like The Expanse are making up for it I suppose.
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

I finished Killjoys season 5. It was an OK season but an underwhelming ending. The main villain (The Lady) played by discount Greta Thunberg was annoying, but they didn't turn her into a cartoon villain at least and actually did something with the character - actually one my favorite tropes was used in the last few episodes, so that was refreshing. A few of the scenes this season were total cringe, I just had to fast forward through them. You'll know when it happens.

Overall, I find it hard to pass up any sci-fi show - even the mediocre ones. Unfortunately mediocre sci-fi seems to be the staple diet these days, except for The Expanse IMO. Killjoys has its moments, but it has always been a bit 'Meh' and the CGI feels like it was made by a guy in a basement. Nothing wrong with basement CGI, but even Babylon 5 did a better job 20 years ago so it feels a little lazy when you see it today.
The Expanse. Watch it!

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