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Some people may not be aware, but Stargate is coming back with a series of webisodes (in similar vein to the formerly proposed FarScape webisodes which never got greenlit) on their new streaming service 'Stargate Command' - The series will consist of 10x 10 minute episodes (total 100 minutes) as a kind of test, I suppose, to see if the community at large will consume Stargate again. I would much prefer they continued Atlantis or Universe, but this is YAP (yet another prequel) we've got.

Anyway, it's only $20 per year - I think it's a one time fee. I'm not sure if its available to the international market yet.

Check it out @
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Re: Stargate Origins

A trailer has dropped:

Unfortunately it looks like it was edited, filmed, directed, acted and floor mopped by Stargate fanboys rather than an actual production crew. It seems more along the lines of 'Star Trek Renegades'. Don't get me wrong, I admire fan productions, especially Star Trek Continues, but they just don't compare in production quality.

Let's wait and see. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.

But I expect like Star Trek Discovery, we'll get brain cancer from tuning in.
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Re: Stargate Origins

The night before release I was reading about the options available but it seems getting it to work on a smart TV isn't easy let alone running it in Full HD or 4K ](*,) so I'm going to be patient until that can be done :? MGM were somewhat backwards in providing the service for this short series. I was also hoping to see SGU both seasons in Full HD. Ahh $20 was a bargin..

Re: Stargate Origins

Nope, I was not pleasantly surprised. It turned out exactly as I expected. :microwave:

While I am sure it will appeal to some rabid fans desperate for a Stargate fix, to me it just utterly pales in comparison to anything they've done before.
It shits on canon and has worse special effects/set design/costume design/acting than the first season of SG-1.
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Re: Stargate Origins

Well the last two episodes redeemed it somewhat with nods to continuity - but it kind of felt rushed and neatly tied up with a bow. Literally EVERYTHING was given a reset button, in a manner of speaking.
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Re: Stargate Origins

Why would you want to see their ugly mugs in 4k? :P

I've recently finished my re-watch of SG-1 original team (Seasons 1-8). Slowly moving onto Atlantis and the rest of SG-1 now..
Man I've forgotten how bad Atlantis was in the beginning. Weir, Taylor and Ford are SO bland in the first few episodes.
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Re: Stargate Origins

I'm doing a rewatch of Atlantis now. It definitely gets a lot better after the first few eps, one thing I would say though is that SGA feels like Star Trek-lite. That's good and all, but it really is quite a departure from the SG-1 days when humans were the underdogs - now we're pretty much on even ground with every opponent, bar the numbers argument. One thing I really dislike about Atlantis is, despite the purpose of the show, is how they portrayed the Anicents - Dumb, arrogant and ultimately turned them into a race of redshirts by around about 'The Return' two parter. What happened to all their abilities that were introduced throughout SG-1, all their knowledge and advanced understanding of technology, biology etc? We know that even regular Ancients (not the ascended kind) had various abilities as shown throughout SG-1. Atlantis really took away all the mystery and wonder about the Ancients and turned them into 'beige-pants wearing' aliens of the week that had a list of mistakes as long as my arm.
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