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It's kind of complicated really, and mostly to do with things that I really don't want to drag from one place to another :)

I've popped by from time to time and seen how things are going before now, but since I'm trying to drag myself out of a pretty dark place I got myself into when my Dad died, I thought maybe trying to get back into music might help that. This was always a nice site for showcasing my art stuff, so it was kind of the first place I thought of when I started going through my old music database.

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Thanks, apologies for being gone so long...

I'll be working on promoting my work on other sites as well, so I will point people in this direction whilst I'm at it, it might help in that respect.

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I guess I'll need to get back to work on this forum then... I haven't been attending to it lately.

I also can't decide if to keep pressing buttons until I get the right 'feel' for this theme, or if to just bin it and start again on something else.
Originally I was going to go for a completely different look, but then imagined people complaining about it not looking Sectorgamey. :P
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Hehe, just like me to make work for you :P

Seriously though, the Forum is what you want it to be, since there's no-one here at the moment, you could easily change it to what you want, and then that would be Sectorgame-y.

I'm a big fan of clean slates at the moment, so my opinion would be, if you feel you have a better look for it, do it :)

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Well I'm quite content with this theme, but it's still in BETA and needs a lot of work :)

I'm glad you came back when you did, I was just about ready to give up on this place.

So did you get your account working? I noticed you posted once then went back to MrFlipside..

Edit: Just saw your PM. I've set your e-mail to the new one.
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That seems to fix it. Thanks :)

I find now I've hit my 40's I need to get Firefox to remember a lot more of my passwords :(

What I'm planning to do is post my WIP stuff here to get opinions, so I might be able to get visitors that way, but obviously, it's not going to have a vast impact. I've noticed most music sites with threads like 'What do you think of this music I wrote?' are zero reply ones, but I'll do what I can to raise awareness.

Do you still do music at all?
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Youtube and Soundcloud are great ways to raise awareness these days.
I used to use 'Acidplanet' back in the day, don't know if they are still around?

I stopped doing music before I moved to Korea (2007); Haven't really touched anything since then.
So much has changed though, you can do so much more with just a piece of software and a few plugins.

I keep telling myself I want to create an album one of these days. I keep thinking about it.
But then, I keep thinking about money problems and the idea of making music just goes out the window.
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Yup, the initial outlay can be quite high. My copy of Sonar and my Midi Keyboard came to about £350. At least there are plenty of free VST's once the initial payment is done, which saves quite a bit, but since I'm into Orchestral and Choral stuff, it required buying some East-West plugins, which aren't cheap either :(

For a while, I used some plugins that weren't exactly.... as pure as the driven snow, but since they came with all the risks and problems inherent with that, I tend to stay away from those sort of things now.
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