Void Destroyer - like Freespace + Homeworld

Hey guys I've been coding away at a "game of my dreams" for 4 years now and reached the Kickstarter and Greenlight stage.

I got the idea to combine a space sim with real time strategy - with the aim of giving the player a unique gaming experience - so you can be in a dogfight one moment, pilot a cruiser or issue orders to the rest of your fleet.

I always thought that in other space sims the player was too low on the totem pole - I wanted to be both the pilot and the commander, and here we are. My other aim was to have the game live as long as possible so I've built the game from the ground up to support modding.

Here's the first trailer:

Here's a vid showing off the modding support:

There is a playable alpha demo on the main site here:

Here are some screen shots:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/171 ... -destroyer

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =146068036

I hope that you guys check the project out, post any questions/feedback, and tell anyone who might be interested about the project.



Re: Void Destroyer - like Freespace + Homeworld

Hey guys! Exciting news - we reached our base goal!

Now we are pursuing stretch goals of an additional pirate faction (+5K) and 'Privateer' mode (+30K) and a dream goal of FPS elements (+40K).

I didn't come empty handed - here is a new trailer:


This is a warm up trailer for the Kickstarter finale trailer, which by my estimates is... well I don't want to oversell it (ok I do - I'm super excited).

I will post it later on this week and then quit running around the web promoting the project.


If you haven't been keeping up with the project's updates, there's been a few neat "how indie games are made" videos added. If you are interested in gamedev/coding etc I hope that you'll find them interesting.

Here is a video where I talk through adding mines:


Here's the end result:


Here's another video where I talk through adding an area of effect missile, this one focuses more on coding:


Re: Void Destroyer - like Freespace + Homeworld

Thanks FSF!

We are down to less than 48 - so you guys won't be spammed by me any more and I'll have to switch to the liquid form of sleep (caffeine).

Below is the final Kickstarter trailer :


I've created a Kickstarter Recap update here:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/171 ... sts/524802

Thank you for all of your tolerating these posts, for your time and support!


Re: Void Destroyer - like Freespace + Homeworld

Hey guys! I haven't "promoted/marketed" since Kickstarter... over 60 days I believe. With the recent 100 games being greenlit Void Destroyer jumped up in rankings, we are now in the top 100 (out of over 1300). So I'm devoting some time to get even higher in the rankings.

So - if you haven't yet - please vote for Void Destroyer making it into Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =146068036 (since voting via the web page is somewhat clumsy you can also find Void Destroyer via going to the Steam Client - then clicking Community - then choosing Greenlight and entering in "Void Destroyer" into the search). And if you'd be so kind as to bug your Steam (and other) friends to vote that would be incredibly helpful as well.

Here is an updated video of updates since Kickstarter:


There is an updated demo on the main site here: http://www.VoidDestroyer.com so you can check out the changes.

Here's a vid where I talk about the recent mouse changes and time dilation system:


Here's a screen shot of the new repair ships:

Thank you!

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