I have finally finished the first part of me storyline. And if anyone thinks that it is the same as other campaigns, I can asure you that it will change fast. I have plenty of ideas in my twisted brain for this campaign. So here is the first log of my campaign. The Title (VENGENCE)

Date: 2/01/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Ribos System

The first of Feburary, the day draws closer that some has been waiting for, or dreading for years. I on the other hand don't know what to fill like. They are making the final ajustments on the "Gate". Even tho I long to go back to the planet that I grew up on with my family.I still fear for what we may uncover. As some say if we never entered Subspace in the first place we would still be on Earth. Some call us crazy, the ones that have never seen the planet Earth. They are content to live on the other planets. But, they are not our home and never will be. Some fear we will again awaken the Shivans, a power we will not be abel to stop this time. And as I write this log, tension is growing. Whole battlegroups breaking off from the GTVA fleeing into deep space and there has also been word of the NTF slowly growing in the shadows.People are scared, fleeing like birds in the face of a Storm. At this very time we have recieved a order to join them in Delta Serpintis.Therefore my heart is torn in two different directions, why on one hand I want to go home and see the planet's green trees and white snow and hear the booming of thunder once more, but the fear in my heart grows as each hour passes that we will unlock something that has been dorment for 39 years.

Capt. Jake Roberts "End Log"

I am trying to make it sound dark in the sense of opening up the SOL jump node. :badgrin:
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Here is the second log in the storyline:

Date: 2/03/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Delta Serpintis System

We have just arrived in the Delta Serpintis system as ordered by GTVA Command. The people on our ship are on the edge. Emotions are running wild. Our Navigation officer broke down this morning and had to be restained in the sick bay. I try to be strong for my crew, but I don't know how long I can keep this up. They encountered a problem while working on the gate, its testing has been set back a few days and we keep steping up defences because of pressure from terrorists. The new NTF is becoming more of an issue, The GTD Fortress and the GTD Nocturne has not reported in the last few days. We figue that they have defected to the NTF. As we prepare for war once more, the morale of our troops decline. But, this time we have no Colossus to fall back on.If we go to War there will be tremendoes lose of life, maybe as high as the Great War.

Capt. Jake Roberts "EndLog"
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I didn't know they involved that...

Only one I could think of off-hand, HIG, was Inferno. Interesting.
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Thanks, I am trying to get to the darker side of things like I said above. What they find a little later in the campaign will crush you all and make you very mad. Are I hope it will. Make you want VENGENCE!
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Here is the Third Log in my storyline.

Date: 2/08/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Beta Aqiulae System

At 11:00 hours we activated the Gate in the Delta Serpintis system.It worked wonderfuly setting up a Subspace Vortex to the SOL system. But, something went horrobliy wrong, 8 out of 12 destroyers in the area defected to the NTF. We lost the GTC Viper, the GTC Wolf, and the GTD Vanitta. We barely escaped suffering only slight damage. We lost 12 fighter wings, and 6 bomber wings. We also lost our Ace pilot and leader of our fighter wings, Andy Robinson. But, we have some reports that some of our fighters made it into the Subspace vortex before it was closed. In total with have lost an est. 42,000 servicemen and women. The NTF are demanding that we withdraw all our fighters and warships out of the vacinity. Lead by Admiral Kres Morgan of the NTF Nocturne they are growing in size and strength by the hour.We have no idea why they attacked the subspace gate, the might use it for a negotiating stone or maybe the idea of Neo Terra was not true and there is something in SOL they want. But as of 14:00 hours the GTVA is now at war. We have started the Draft of every man over 16 years of age.The est. from Command say that the total lose of life in this war will be in the millions. And like I felt in my heart when we started this project, this has split the GTVA in different directions. Was command wrong for even attemping the project? Are was I wrong for not trying to stop it? But I do know this, I am tired of war and at the end of this if I still live I will turn in my resignation. But, intil then we must fight harder than ever, and see that this is the end of the NTF. Therefore I Capt. Jake Roberts of the GTD Vega ready my Mind, Body, and Crew for this long and hard conflict.

Capt. Jake Roberts "End Log"
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Now the Campaign isn't gonna totaly follow the logs. You gonna be right in the middle of this war. :) and another thing I have not even got to the "good" parts yet.
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Here is Log four:

Date: 2/11/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Beta Aqiulae System

For the third day the stalemate continues. They are demanding that we turn over Deneb and Sirus to the NTF. But, we continue to negotiate with the captains of the vessels to stand down and to avoid a major conflict. But, not much progress has been made, until Captain John Micheals of the NTD Meyara, leader of the NTF in Delta Serpintis contacted GTVA Command. He said if we activated the subspace gate leading to the SOL system that there would be no more loss of life. What happened next sent a shock thru the entire GTVA. Why negotiating with command, one of the Meyara's crew in the background screamed in fear, the captain turned around and looked in wide eyed horror. The last word recieved from Captain Micheals said "Get those guns onl.........." the screen went blank.... As of now Command has ordered the Vega to investigate. Scouts on the edge of Delta Serpintis reported a "Large" subspace signature. As the most powerful vessel this side of Vega, we are also the most well trained. Still I fill that we are walking into the mouth of a lion. Our first thought allthough not confirmed nor denied.....The Shivans are back.

Capt. Jake Roberts "End Log"

here's where it gets good. :D
The Only Thing faster than Lightning, is My Aim.

:| wow....

i cant wait..

well, this has driven me to finally write up that campaign intro ive been waiting to do for a long time :) ill write. you guys may like it somewhat. in the meantime, you may mock me and throw things at me and yell at me, i dont mind :wink:
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