Eh... Raa... cool model & all, but there appears to missing textures on the main engine interiors. I was looking at it in Modview, and I realized I could see the inside of the ship through the engines. I know that doesn't mean much when the ship is under power, but if its ever disabled, its gonna look kinda weird... unless I'm wrong.
The Trivial Psychic Strikes Again!

Great model Raa. :D There just one small problem, anytime it gets hit it gets tossed around like a fighter. Does anyone else have this problem?

I saw that... sometimes... but it's the exact same mass as the original V model. I basically just imported all of the pof data in PCS. It may be a build bug. Have you tried it with other versions of FSO?

In theory, it would, I'm just not sure that PCS actually aquires that data. I forget where I have set it in the past, so I'll take a look.

EDIT: It needs to be set in modelview, PCS doesn't have the interface for it and apparently does not convert it correctly. MOI is, according to what Bob dug up not long ago, dependent on the mesh as well as mass, etc, but it still should be in the same order of magnitude as the original. Yours was, well, not. Off by as much as 10^40, in fact.

These are the values of the original vs your high-poly one, for the record:
Original Sobek:
0.00000000031218144736 0.00000000000004268307 0.00000000000049032301
0.00000000000004268307 0.00000000030472743773 -0.00000000003332326429
0.00000000000049032306 -0.00000000003332326429 0.00000000169464808852

High-Poly Sobek: (Trailing zeros removed for space)
227906650112.0 4371236168191097700000000.0 274952335980479310000000000.0
0.00000000003865366707 262233136196483020000.0 0.00000000000014932656
0.0 40.099060058593750 13386286.0

On closer observation, it would appear that the MOI tensor is symmetrical about the diagonal, so the fact that whatever garbage is in your sobek's MOI isn't could really be causing some wierd stuff. I don't know where it came up with that stuff (really, 2E26 and 0 being on opposite corners?) but it is nowhere near appropriate for MOI data.

I've changed it (haven't yet had the chance to test it in game) and will be happy to send it to you if it saves you time in the copy-paste phase.

Looks spectacular. Nice job indeed. :)

Couple of points that may need fixing:
  • The rotating turrets - the extruded bit on the base is there so that when you place the turret on the ridge part, it can be sunk down:
    Easy to fix there. :)
  • The rear left fin's smoothing is split down the middle, which looks a bit odd and stands out from the right hand side one. As a smoothing bug tho, it should be another simple fix. :)
  • The fenris trim's allignment is a bit out in a couple of places - like the edges of the forward topside recess - allignment changes.

Other than that, Excellent work. :)
Twisted Infinities

I know the trim is a bit out of alignment, it was MAX's face mapping. But I kinda liked the change it added, in it not being uniform.

I thought that I had done that with the turrets...

And the smooth shading...? It was correct in max... I'll have to double check... :grr:
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