ASW: The End

Since the very beginnings of the mod, the ASW team never really did have the 'rush' that keeps development going. Sure, there have been periods of very active development, but none had the power to stay. Real life intervened, and team members (including myself) started dropping off the radar, often for considerable amounts of time. This led to prolonged periods of inactivity on the internal board, and the interest of the remaining team members waned. Eventually, we decided to face reality: the decision was made to halt development after ASW2. Indeed, there will be no more ASW3, -4 or -5.

But! Every penny has a flip side. What was to become ASW3 has been uploaded to the FreeSpace 2 sector! You can download it right now, right here. What's in there? Four missions and one in-game cutscene in various stages of completion, as well as high-poly models (untextured) of the Corybant fighter and the Silenus bomber, a significantly improved Pyrgos (which would have been the Core), the brand-new (and textured!) Archanes fighter and the (previously released) high-poly Satyr. All in all, definitely worth checking out!

Now, to all of my fellow team members I say goodbye, and fare well; it's been a pleasure working with you guys. As for all our players: thank you for enjoying our work!
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