Re: ASW Eyecandy Thread

How many missions in act II? I think I remember you saying 10. Maybe that has changed though. Also, how many parts are planned? Nice to know the 2nd release is drawing nearer.

If 3.6.14 is released this year as well as the Inferno upgrade project, it would be safe to say that this year was a great year for FS and much was released this year more than any other that I know about. Numerous campaigns will be too, like maybe this one and SG and maybe more. Probably too wishful to expect WiH II or WoD II this year though, so I won't, but still very good progress.

Re: ASW Eyecandy Thread

Very good. Is that a new model that will be included in the next media VP release or is it already in 3.6.12, or just exclusive to ASW and something I would have to port into mediavps/data if I wanted it to be used as a replacement to the retail model?

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