FreeSpace Online

Greetings and welcome to the project FSO presence on this board.

FreeSpace Online is a two-way port project for the Starshatter: The Gathering Storm platform. It contains two modes of play:

1. A browser-based economy gameplay.

2. A single-player campaign in the FreeSpace Online world.

These both combine into a neat form of entertainment with a lots of immersion. To play, you however need the retail Starshatter: The Gathering Storm first.

I'll publish the 0.63 of the total conversion today. The first published version of the mod, with the three single-player sorties do not include all the ship models (to encourage possible future modders of my MOD to play my campaign through first :badgrin: ).

Anyway, I'll provide something to chew on later this evening.

This still active? Where can I get it?
Is this better?

Will you please stop grave digging old topics? No this was never completed and probably never will be.

You would hav been banned 10 times at HLP by now. :P
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It's not really like you can post in a thread on this forum without grave-digging.
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Yea it's not like you're pushing all the "newer" posts down to the bottom :p

*Laughs hysterically* :P
The Expanse. Watch it!

Actually, hell froze today and I am seriously reconsidering bringing this project back online. Without the economy multiplayer thingie, but as a single player campaign.


Say again? What engine are you planning to use?

BTW great to see this project back. Honestly I thought it was dead. :P

This one. :badgrin: A planetary assault - Seth class fighters pave the way for the Amun bombers through some sentries which finally bomb the city. Once they break orbit, the Seths clear the way through some gun towers and anti-aircraft tanks with air-to-ground missiles as well.

The platform is Starshatter: The Gathering Storm by Matrix Games with Freespace total conversion by yours truly.

Interesting :D
The Expanse. Watch it!

Ah. Cool.

Since it's a TC I wont need the game itself to play, right?

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