Oh sorry. I meant to add a sample .tbm showing how to do that but it slipped my mind to copy it into the file when I packaged it.

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$Subsystem: turret02,2.0,1.0 $Alt Subsystem Name: I'm A Turret $Default PBanks:
Basically it goes between the basic subsystem entry and anything you have for $Armor Type or $Default PBanks.

I'll update the wiki when I commit the code of course. Just have to make it work in the log at the moment then I'm done. :)

why isnt this on HLP?
Cause I started here. :)
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It's actually a fairly simple feature. The table entry took me about 10 lines of code in total. (Which is another reason I couldn't be bothered to make another thread on HLP. It's a rather minor feature).

The trick was that I stumbled across the function that put the default names up and realised I could very easily go around it as the only thing it altered was the name on the HUD.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ

[Seeds Of Rebellion ] - [Mind Games]

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