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hi guys, last time i posted scp had a few probs that made me not wanna play till it gets 'fixed' mainly performance issues and texture problems, and some wierd joystick prob i heard someone else had issues with...

then my machine killed itself rather nicely..yea all of it cept the drives :/

anyway, seeing as im slack can any of u guys tell me what version texture packs eyecandy etc i need again?

i assume theres certain builds for certain systems, so maybe i should post a few specs? also any info on what i shouldnt be turning on(crazy settings,api,etc) could help

amd 64
ati x800pro
creative xfi

unless i can use the retail version to play with yous?(maybe for the best)
pls do tell! cheerz

Welcome aboard :)

Well, the latest versions of the SCP can be got at, your best bet for getting everything at the moment is to check out the ShivanSPS torrent in the 'General Freespace' forum.

That download will hopefully end up being more prominent, but it contains more or less everything you'd need to play Freespace Open, including a recent build of the .Exe file. ... 499.0.html
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yep cool i got the scp workin good cept that hacked files thing..

so is that fs2netd server the place to be ?

any ip's i need to know of? or is it just not played a lot anymore?

iv not seen 1 player so far is all anyways... im probly in the wrong server or something

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