wana hear a good one, fell on the ice crossing the street on my way to work thursday morning, broke my fall with my right hand.. instead of having my hand checked i worked the entire day, which is a 10 hour day..
i had friday off, but my wife had to work, hehehe.. she got home friday at 3:30pm and told me she was taking me to the doctor because my hand had swollen, she told me i probably broke it, i told her how could i work all day thursday if it was broke, she told me not to argue with her, i was going to the doctor, and that was that..

so we get to the doctors office and they take x-rays, now i`m a bonehead, my wife was right, my hand was broke.. the doctor told me they couldn`t do anything to it but splint it till the swelling went down..

saturday we go to saint vincent hospital so they can cast my hand, well first i found out it had to be set back in place and that where it broke, at the knuckle usually won`t stay in place, so now in 2 weeks i go back to see if it is healing properly.. since it is my little finger they didn`t see the need to put a pin in it to hold it in place, (whew) i didn`t really like the idea of surgery to put a pin in my hand anyway..

so i`m looking at probaby a 6 week period of doctor visits before this is done and i can have my right hand back..
Who am I? Take 3 guesses, and the first 2 don`t count.

Ah, this has an up side to it anyway.. When it comes to takin a bath, I get the royal treatment by my wife since I can`t wash very well she took over the task... :dance:

She did however state that she is not my slave :nono: But one can still dream :good: hehehe.
Who am I? Take 3 guesses, and the first 2 don`t count.

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