Work has officially begun on a new single player project titled 'Omens'. The project is something I have had on my hard drive for quite sometime - It's only recently that I have had the free time to start working on it (and update the sites here at Sectorgame). I *might* post some tidbits in the Dev Blog, but I am kind of reluctant to talk about a project before it's released. So I'll just get to work for now. ;)


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Re: Omens

Heck, my ship sometimes shakes like a Hawaiian dashboard dancer in an old bug on gravel at 100mph...
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Re: Omens

Level is about 25% done. If anyone is curious what will be 'in it', well all I can say is that Omens 'is an expanded version' of the Asteroid base in Basewars.
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Re: Omens

Ok, here's what will be in it:

* New custom robots.
* A selection of new weapons (somewhat Hyperspace related, but more indoor oriented).
* New textures, including a palette from Basewars.
* Many new sound effects.
* Secrets! Everyone loves secrets.

Screenshots coming on the 22nd~
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