Stargate Origins

Some people may not be aware, but Stargate is coming back with a series of webisodes (in similar vein to the formerly proposed FarScape webisodes which never got greenlit) on their new streaming service 'Stargate Command' - The series will consist of 10x 10 minute episodes (total 100 minutes) as a kind of test, I suppose, to see if the community at large will consume Stargate again. I would much prefer they continued Atlantis or Universe, but this is YAP (yet another prequel) we've got.

Anyway, it's only $20 per year - I think it's a one time fee. I'm not sure if its available to the international market yet.

Check it out @
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Re: Stargate Origins

A trailer has dropped:

Unfortunately it looks like it was edited, filmed, directed, acted and floor mopped by Stargate fanboys rather than an actual production crew. It seems more along the lines of 'Star Trek Renegades'. Don't get me wrong, I admire fan productions, especially Star Trek Continues, but they just don't compare in production quality.

Let's wait and see. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.

But I expect like Star Trek Discovery, we'll get brain cancer from tuning in.
All your data belongs to me. I am the all seeing webmaster.
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