The AFTERMATH Project by Herkie423

UPDATED: The Project is already completed and released. I'm now working for an update to make it as a stand-alone. It will be completed soon. Please click on this
forum topic for further details and where to download it: ... =47&t=4835

Hello guys,

I have been working on a project for a few months now. Its a campaign consisting of more than 40 missions complete with cut scenes (using FRED editor).
The plot takes place 3 years after the destruction of Capella, The Second Shivan Invasion. It is actually a sequel to Freespace 2 although it is non-cannon,... really non-cannon. I am a fan of space shooters and simulation, and a fanatic of space sci-fi movies (Starwars, Startrek, Battlestar Galactica, etc.). Remember Playstation's Colony Wars? It was one of the best. Sadly, there are not so many game tittles of that genre ( I wonder why). Hence, my inspiration: THE AFTERMATH. The project features new ships downloaded from this site (I'll try my best to acknowledge their creators). Guys, I don't know how to model ships but I manage to modify their tables and replace their textures; my deepest gratitude to the model creators. The AFTERMATH missions boasts space battles involving a hundred enemy fighters and Battle of Endor type confrontations later in the game (painstakingly tested for game stability) and beating those missions require not only piloting and close combat skills (ex. a solo mission head to head with 3 squadrons of dragon fighters) but also real time command tactics and strategy (ex. 3 Deimos corvettes and 3 cruisers against 40 shivan destroyers). You will soon find as you play that your scores will average 20 to 40 fighter kills depending on skills ( in some missions, I found out during testing that if I score a measly 15 fighters the mission might fail).

So this is my contribution to all Freespace fans out there. And happy to inform you that the AFTERMATH project is actually completed (the only one lacking is the voice acting) but further testing is still needed, ironing out minor details.
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Re: The AFTERMATH Project by Herkie423

Sounds... well, interesting. If you've actually tested your BoEs and they're actually fun/the player can influence them, this might be interesting. Otherwise, well, let's focus on the positives, shall we? :)
:D Well, I did tested those missions many times. At first they gave me a hell lot of problems like sluggish frame rates, excess shivan and terran fighters with AI problems (they don't fight, they just fly around). So I kept on modifying the missions until I got the proper effect that I like. After a lot of experiments, I found the right number of destroyers and fighters that can be involved in the battle scene without sacrificing performance. By the way, my PC specs is only running at 2.8 GHZ (Athlon X2) with 2 GB RAM. I must admit that some BoE missions are just for the story line enabling you to experience the epic first hand but some of them actually require player tactics (like commanding corvettes and fighter/bomber wings at the same time protecting your own fleet from scores of shivan bombers...and some, well I don't want to spoil it).

I really appreciate your reply Black Wolf and I'm happy about it. But until then, I need to make my project accessible to you guys. The VPs are about 200Mb and MediaAVP_3612 and Blue Planet 1 and 2 is also a requirement. Even if I have already tested these 43 missions, replaying them quite a number of times, I really need testers for I can not rely on my own judgement. I need the feed backs especially the bad ones.

I will have the project available as soon as possible.
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