Delayed Progress

There's been silence from me for like a week and a bit. Yes, the mod is active. However, certain things throughout the past time outside development have kept me busy. Development continues and I hope to release update 3 on the mod soon.

I dont recall saying this before but if you have questions, suggestions or anything rather, please send them!

At this stage, I'm crunching out every bug and error I can find in the current build of the modification. A lot of gameplay testing is being done by me currently and so far, I have not been able to see any problems. In the time, some questions have raked my mind.

One of them is the decision to compile a sort-of demo for the modification this far. I have at most the introduction cinematic level and two other levels to introduce players to the story of the campaign. I also have a dogfight level established.

So, my question to the community. Would you, the community, like to see a demo and if so, what kind would you want?

Big news update for this week:

In the last week or two that has gone by, a lot of work has gone into the modification. There has been a great number of replacements and changes made, hours of rewording in the .tbl files and some pretty proud moments. Opportunities have also been taken to allow new capabilties in making the modification as close to the proposed vision as possible.

I am rolling towards a demo slowly. With four missions near nailed to boot, it's enough to convince me that it may be worth the release. I have had to do some mind boggling as to how the release on the finished product and remaining missions will go.

To avoid complications and get early and easy feedback, the demo will only contain the necessary files to get from the prologue introduction to mission 04. I'm also going to try get a local event happening to test the demo and gain feedback as well.

The time for big questions is now if you are curious about Cerberus: Emergance.

Edit: New screenies are going to be released within the next few days on some of the changes which are helping to shape the modification as I have long hoped it to look. Stay tuned for the eye candy.
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#22 ... 210r49.jpg

A scattered and wounded battlegroup. The moloch behind the Cerberus, I bet he's thinking: "I sure hope he doesnt hear me." Mission 02, Warzone ... 210r49.jpg

A battle ensures. The Perseus shows off the new afterburner effects. Mission 02, Warzone

The new mainscreen art. This is definately my favourite and best so far.

Teal afterburners were once part of the MVPS? Odd, I never knew. Either that or I never noticed.

Me personnaly, I prefer the Teal colour instead of the default one. I don't know, but the Orange didn't quite seem to appeal, though it is a good effect I will admit.

As I never encountered the effects in the MVP's from past, I made these just using GIMP and other tools I had at the time. If only I had seen it before, I might've just held on to it, but oh well. Guess it lives on anyway.

This week's update, though a rather bit too soon, has a lot of additions and an achievement being aimed for.

A few new songs (I'm not gonna reveal them till maybe later) will make an entrance to the soundtrack which has seen some modifying. Also, new new craft have finished testing and are ready to let rip.

With mission 1-3 just needing in-game chatter and number 4 needing the finishing touches, the demo is almost here and I for one look foward to releasing it. Development will continue through the brief trial period which I was going take a little rest during to see how the demo goes. Trust me, I want to see this complete.

Keep tracking me folks for more screenies and keep hopeful that the demo will be ready for upload soon.

On a final note, by the sound of it, you are really excited FSF, I must admit. Nice that someone is already looking forward to it.

Hey all.

The demo is close to being finished. But in between finalising the missions and actual content itself, I have taken the time to learn and create interface and shield art for the fighter and bomber craft which didn't have any, as well as "pretty up" some of these weapons and weed out previously hidden bugs and unnecessary content.

My shielding however, is not the best. It works, but renders in blocky detail instead of the smooth detail it should have. If someone could post the anibuild settings I should use, that would be appreciated.

I will post screenies once all the big work is complete, which WILL be done this week.

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