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It appears we are at a disagreement. Lets agree to disagree, at least until the next major conflict :P

Don't forget, the F-22 has stealth capability to all but the most specialized radars. If the performance of the plane is not enough, I would think that would be the trump card...

F-22 > all

Sure it is highly specialized, but that is what makes it such a great interceptor

I was sad when the US govt ended their orders so suddenly after spending all of that time and money developing the F-22. I know cuts are reasonable, but simply ending the program is a little vain IMO

yea. i am greatly saddened by his disappearance, even years later.

He was so pumped up about all of his projects and was making great progress on them. He also was doing some really cool things as GW admin. Then boom. he just disappeared.

x3 had the potential to be a great game
i do believe that egosoft screwed up both x3 and x3tc. While they did many things right, lots of other things were screwed up really bad.

depends on the doctor you have and how good he is. ive had 3, all done without heavy anethesia. The second part was done with no anesthesia. I didnt feel a thing,

haha yea

yes, i know its really sad. we had lots of fun together. i feel bad for just leaving you guys. mayb i could come back for a while in the summer. unfortunately, coming back during the school year is pretty much out of the question right now.

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