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Re: Yall still playing this?

If sitting in the same station my last corp left me in training skills counts as playing, then yeah. I'd worship the very soil CCP walked on if they nerfed minmatar. It's one of the things that keeps me from playing it: Being so hopelessly outclassed by anybody simply because they fly winmatar. man...

Any recommendations on some of the campaigns? Like I vaguely remember Derelict and Warzone were pretty awesome, Cardinal Spear and Aftermath for the port. Any new ones worth the time?

(lol @ BWO STILL not out)

Appreciate it. HLP was a cesspool when i moved on to other stuff, didnt want to look around too much there for an awswer :P

Got the old FS itch.. I seem to every couple years. So going back to install FSO on my new computer every install guide has dead links and cant manage to find any good ones. Anyone know what the deal is or some good links?

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Wow. Old news much?
Nope, hadnt seen yet

(1995 valley girls want their saying back though)

Air Combat was my first PS game, had every one since; AC5 and ACZ best ones in the whole series IMO. Razgriz what up AC6 tried to get too wide scale with the battles and everything feels too impersonal and watered down Also dont like the real world setting theyre heading to with the new one, like th...

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