Crazy dude at 1am

Some crazy Korean dude (I'd say mid 40's) suddenly started shouting in the hallway on my floor last night at about quarter to one. I was asleep at the time, so was awoken from my slumber - and was none to pleased to be woken up by a noisy person in the middle of the night for 2 nights in a row (my neighbours had a party or something last night). I had no idea what he was shouting about, as Korean is just impossible to understand when it's an old dude swearing nonstop + the muffle of the door. I assumed it was to do with one of my neighbours. Well, that's when suddenly MY doorbell started ringing. And when I say ringing, I mean LEANING on the doorbell... It was f#####g awful to listen to at 1 in the morning!

Rather than deal with it, I just stayed in bed and hoped he'd go away. Which he did, about 5 minutes later. There is no way I'm going to answer the door to someone being that much of a dickhead at 1 in the morning, not to mention that I can't understand his ramblings unless he slowed down. And to be honest I was kinda afraid he'd attack me in that state. I still have no idea what it was all about. I know it wasn't the police or anyone official, and I don't owe anyone money and I generally avoid civilization full stop unless it's my friends. So... what the heck? Maybe I'll find out more today.
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Re: Crazy dude at 1am

Hm, still no idea what it was about.

I have some ideas. It's probably to do with an old bed I threw away a few days ago. It's been marked for collection, but hasn't been collected yet and it's blocking part of a steel wired window on the ground floor. No doubt pissed that his room is dark all the time. :P
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Re: Crazy dude at 1am

Pissed... at night?

I know cultures are different, but I'd likely open my door, sock him in the face, and close my door. Then again... All Americans are violent people...
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