OUTDATED: Ancient-Shivan War, Act I, version 3.6.10

One year and a half after the idea was conceived, we have finally decided to release the first act of the Ancient-Shivan War mod. We've done our best to bring you an enjoyable mod with quite some eyecandy - you are hereby kindly invited to download and enjoy!

Apart from the ASW team, kudos go to Aldo, Nighteyes, Flaming_Sword, Hunter, a guy called "Ryan Main" and Inferno.

This mod was made for use with the official 3.6.10 FSO build and MediaVPs. We are not responsible for errors that may occur when using anything else.


Base pack - 160MB

Alternatively, everything in one pack - 217MB

Note: There's a newer version out here.


Normal maps - 6.7MB

Interface - 24.5MB

Intro cutscene - 12.3MB

Animated glowmaps - 9.2MB
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Seeing as you have multiple links already, I put everything into a large ZIP file. The main files go into an /ASW/ directory and the rest are root directory. I am not sure if this is intended or a mistake, so I just left them as they are. The full pack can be obtained here.
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The early feedback you guys are getting seems very positive. I'll have to get this up and running tomorrow. :)
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