Intelligence Entry 03 - GTC Thespius

>>GTC Thespius<<


Basic Information

The GTC Thespius is one of the two main Terran cruiser classes currently fielded by the GTVA. The Thespius is a well-rounded warship, with moderate anti-warship firepower and excellent anti-fighter defenses. Designed as an anti-fighter escort ship, it has enough speed to keep pace with most freighters and transports, and has enough armor to survive in minor engagements.

The main hull of the warship is separated into two sections connected by a 'neck' which is composed of storage compartments that can be sealed off to prevent internal fires from spreading. Communication, navigation and sensor equipment are housed in the forward section, while the main command and control, gunnery, engine and power systems are in the rear.

The Anti-Solar Forces have acquired a small number of these cruisers during raids in Ross 128 and through defections.


Combat Analysis

The armament layout of the GTC Thespius is loosely based off that of the older Aeolus cruiser. A pair of forward-mounted beam cannon are its primary anti-capital weapons, supported by a number of flak, plasma, and anti-fighter cannons. No other GTVA warship has as much anti-fighter power per meter than the Thespius.

While the Thespius's anti-capital firepower is respectable and allows it to effectively engage other light cruisers and some older heavy cruisers, it is no match for the more powerful warships like the ASC Garm or SC Lilith.

- 2 Small Anti-Capital Beam Cannons
- 3 Dual Point-defense Plasma Cannons
- 5 Light Anti-fighter Beam Cannons
- Multiple Flak Cannons
- Multiple Point-defense Plasma Turrets

Length: 300m
Speed: High
Armor: Moderate
Role: Escort Cruiser, Anti-fighter Platform

Countering Strategy

If a hostile Thespius is encountered, pilots are advised to stand clear of the warship and await friendly capital ships to assist. If an approach must be made, do so from the sides of the ship, where the lowest concentration of anti-fighter beams can target you. A head-on approach is unadvised, as up to four anti-fighter beams can be brought to bear upon your fighter. As such, attempting to disarming the forward beam cannons of a Thespius is best done at long range, or from the sides.
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