Re: The random Babylon 5 vomiting thread

Seems like they're 4:3 and cropped? The upscale version I have (which I grabbed in 2019 IIRC) is 16:9 and uncropped. I'm fairly sure JMS Intended B5 to be viewed in 16:9, I could be mistaken though.

A full remaster wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility nowadays, but the CGI is still likely cost prohibitive even with the technological improvements since the topic was first raised with JMS. It'd be cheaper and easier to do now than it was back in 2007 etc, but still so many effect shots would require a LOT of work.
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Re: The random Babylon 5 vomiting thread

Wasn't that impressed but it had some good moments. It was interesting to see
the shadow war unfold in a way JMS had originally intended, rather than the hugely compressed storyline we actually got. Also the Vorlons using the moon to destroy Earth was haunting.
I didn't much care for the silly jokes and humour. And there was so many scenes just rehashed 'because ma nostalgia-bait' , but I think this would've made a better live action than Legend of the Rangers for sure. Great to hear some of the original cast again, and the recastings weren't terribly off putting.
The Expanse. Watch it!
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