Future prospects for D3 levels

It's unlikely I'll be doing any more D3 levels in the near or distant future, despite having some ideas for a third Omens level (a final if you will) and more Hyperspace content. I don't see much point in doing that nowadays, D3 is reallllllyyyy dead now. There are SOME co-op players still active, and a few people still have the game installed because they tinker with it from time to time. I've even had someone contact me about a mod they 'thought' about building for D3, which was surprising!

I actually think a classic D3 level might be fun to build, ya know? With no bells and whistles per se, just a vanilla level with a few minor custom sounds or aesthetics. No mods to break the game, just a Mercenary-type level with a bit of Jerry's music and some story. I mean, if I ever get around to doing anything with D3 again, it might be something like that... I still have a track waiting to be used for *something*.

But it's really jarring that we're stuck with an engine LOCKED into 22 year old code. Kevin has the source code, that other guy has the source code. Matt has it. I mean, none of them seem particularly interested in releasing it which is a shame. And I doubt there are many people even interested in working on it anymore - but I'd wager a revamped D3 would garner some interest in the community again...
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