I'm now a carebear - I guess

After nearly 6 years since last playing the game, and almost 7 years since being a regular EVE player, I am now officially back in business and playing daily. Actually I've been playing since June! I usually play a little bit every day where possible. I've taken a step back from the days of hardcore piracy, lowsec PVP etc and instead have opted for a more calm and casual highsec life - kind of like when the Sectorgame corp started, just without the mining part. I now mainly focus on doing burners, making some ISK, rebuilding assets etc. Hoping to do some invasion content, maybe abyss etc. Unfortunately I don't have all the characters and stuff I used to have, but I do still have one useful character and a bunch of alts.

I've also created a new corp for casual hanging out. If anyone wants in, let me know!
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