Re: I'm getting on a plane!

I took two planes, one was half full, the other was full.

Masks required at all times throughout the flights and airports, except when eating. I went through Seoul (Incheon), Dubai and London. Dubai was the most strict of all the airports I went through. Gestapo officers enforcing social distancing, and being told to wear cheap throwaway gloves when using baggage screening. Tons of checks at every step, total nightmare. I gave the guards the real stink eye. Seoul and London wasn't as bad, passengers were treated with some respect at least.
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Re: I'm getting on a plane!

Personally I wouldn't travel at this time - Even if it was to see a dead person.
If you don't see someone when there alive why take a risk when there dead. Some might see it as harsh simply because that's how they've been conditioned. I've seen how people flock to a funeral when someones gone but never there when there in this world.

I think people are stupid and that's why social distancing needs to be enforced. If common sense was common we'd be a lot better off :razz:

Masks required at all times throughout the flights and airports, except when eating.
Cabin air quality just reached an all-time high :badgrin:

Re: I'm getting on a plane!

I would say the science is not exactly sound when it comes to these rules, and while precautions are necessary I strongly oppose any state sanctioned violence in the name of 'protecting your health', a dubious motive at best - when has the state been so concerned about our health? It's like being bashed over the head repeatedly by a police officer and shouted at to 'stop resisting!' despite not doing anything. No, no, I've been through three systems now - Korea, Dubai and the UK and I believe Korea is doing it properly - track and trace, isolate cases where necessary, quarantine the sick (not the healthy) and government advice combined with common sense instead of strong arm enforcement by police. I mean, seriously, have you been seeing what has been happening these past few months? In Germany recently there was an incident where they literally rounded up people in the street for forced testing in the name of 'public health'. Oh they'll say it's for the 'greater good' naturally. Where have we heard that before? No my friend, keep a close eye on this - keep a close eye indeed.
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Re: I'm getting on a plane!

Over here in Oz the government, corporates and various other interests are definitively concerned about your health. It may not necessarily be overly good health based on science but I'd conclude its health on some level.

I would say one of my better qualities is being an analyst but I do feel if you have specialist knowledge you can become a lot better in predicting something and specifically providing a solution to that problem. In relation to the pandemic - I have nothing to say whats happening outside of Oz because I know very little except what I may occasionally see or hear in the news.

I was ranting on that another outbreak was inevitable. Some of the implementations for containment were too lax, unreliable and in some places non-existent. What happened here in the Eastern States with a resurgence of c19 happened for those reasons. We know this virus is here to stay and if we don't take certain measures - like some of the ones you've mentioned - were gonna have more problems. I was an early supporter of the military providing services where necessary over privately contracted security, etc. If martial law needs to be instigated within a state temporarily because extreme measures to reduce the spread of a contagion have not succeeded well do it damn it. This is what happens if there are a minority not respecting the restrictions that temporarily exist - its not the end of the world, its just a pause.

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