Re: FS1 Longplay: Doing it vanilla or FSOPEN?

Any chance you can write a short review comparison on the Thrustmaster T16000M FCS vs Logitech 3D Pro after clocking in hours on FreeSpace? - maybe after the longplay(s). I was looking to get this stick myself a while back and didn't even know they updated it (T16000M had a green inset instead of orange and I'd imagine there are improvements)

Re: FS1 Longplay: Doing it vanilla or FSOPEN?

Sure, but I'm gonna be delayed a bit until August. It looks like I'll be doing the Descent & Freespace runs later in the summer. I am in the UK now, and don't have my stick with me + my computer here isn't powerful enough. I'll have to fill in with some simple games until then.

Off the bat though, I'd say the Logitech was always a lot of work to use. It's a heavy stick, and turning always felt very stiff. But the Thrustmaster is extremely light (yet robust) and very easy to turn with. It responds much quicker, too. The one downside I've noticed is the hat switch feels a tad uncomfortable on the thumb, but if you don't play Descent you'd probably never notice since you don't need to slide in Freespace.
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