The random Babylon 5 vomiting thread

Apparently someone did a re-render of some original effects scene from the show. It's not a REMASTER, just a re-render using the maximum quality available. It's still the original models and assets.

Impressive stuff. Related link:

I just finished up a re-watch of Crusade, as it's been quite a few years since I last saw it. On this occasion I watched using a modified watch order from the original JMS order BUT ignoring the fact he wanted War Zone 2nd from last.. that's just nuts. To be honest I think the original TNT order wasn't that bad either. Sure, there were some discrepancies between episodes but given that this show was still finding its feet I don't think it really impacts the viewing experience that much. I did watch the original TNG run as it was on the DVD, and didn't really have an issue with it. It does end on a stronger episode, too. I also enjoyed the soundtrack a little more this time around. It gets a LOT of flak but I believe Evan Chen's style would have melded with the show better over time. I'm actually quite partial to the music from season 1 of B5, I think it adds a charm to the show that, by season 5 was largely gone. It's like comparing Star Trek TNG's season 3 scores to season 7. The latter is competently written music, but very bland at times. I think B5 also had a lot of bland scores later in its run; only mitigated by the brilliant scores written for the finale and the Centauri arc.

I just found a copy of the Crusade OST so I'm giving it a more detailed listen. Unfortunately some of the tracks from the show seem missing (in particular the 'Gideon' theme with the synth-strings)

I shall continue vomiting thoughts later.
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: The random Babylon 5 vomiting thread

I have a mammoth task ahead of me with this re-watch, because I'm also doing a binge read of the Babylon 5 novels and trilogies. I need more hours in the day.

Watching S1 has got me thinking - B5 has a lot of rich world building, especially in the early seasons, and it makes me think that B5 is perfect for the prequel treatment that so many shows get. I realize it's unlikely to ever happen, and JMS is quite stubborn when it comes to the portrayal of his vision - But so many shows out there have their prequels, even if they don't need or deserve it. But B5 definitely has a lot of material to work with and under the helm of competent writers it could do well. The early expansion era, the Dilgar conflict.. This is why I love watching The Expanse, because you could easily imagine The Expanse taking place in the pre-expansion era of B5.

Edit: I've started watching his reaction videos, good fun. I'll put them on while doing exercise and working on side projects. :)
The Expanse. Watch it!
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